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Teacher tattoos: Ms. Cummings


Bobbi Cummings – Instructional Support Teacher

when and where did you get this tattoo?

March of this year at Good Girl Tattoo and Piercing in Oshkosh

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Tell me about your planning process. What were your inspirations?

 I read a book called Untamed by Glennen Doyle and the start of the book opened with a metaphor of a cheetah in a zoo who got satisfaction from just chasing this bunny and getting a piece of crappy steak at the end. She used that to illustrate that we live in these imaginary cases, so that why i decided to get a cheetah on my arm.

How much did it cost?

Somewhere around $200

Why do you feel connected to the tattoo and the meaning behind it

 For me its a reminder that as a woman we’re taught to follow a certain set of expectations to be considered a good woman, and to be considered successful. Its a reminder to myself on my body that freedom can look differently and I don’t have to follow what society lays out for me as successful.

Do you ever experience any bias by being a teacher with tattoos? 

I personally have not experienced any bias. I feel like there’s a lot less stigma around tattoos these days and piercing definitely there’s a lot of us that have tattoos here. 

Did your parents judge you?

Yes. my mom, she especially has a lot of bias around tattoos and piercing. When I got it, it felt like a final claiming of my own body. I love my mom and she loves me but it’s my body and my choice to do what I want with it.

Do you believe there’s a stigma around people with tattoos? 

 I mean, maybe, If you have a lot of them and if you change your appearance in other significant ways like a dramatic piercing or dyed hair, but I do feel like that’s becoming more mainstream. it’s not as hardcore to have piercings or tattoos as it used to be.

 What do you think people associate with tattoos nowadays?

 I think a lot of people associate tattoos with stories. When people put something on their bodies it usually has meaning behind it, so it’s like wearable art and wearable conversation starters.

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