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Review of “French Exit” by TV Girl


TV girl is a well known band that has managed to resurface in popularity multiple times since 2020. The band has gained most of their listeners from tiktok trends. The song ‘Not Allowed’ blew up on TikTok around 2020, then in January of this year ‘Lovers Rock’ became an even more recognisable sound on the same platform. Besides the amount of luck that comes with going viral on TikTok, TV girl is beyond talented and deserve all the traction they have gained over the years. 

Overall “French Exit” has a melodical and beautiful tone throughout the whole album. I would go as far to say that it is a modern day masterpiece in music today. 

TV girl is an almost indescribable genre, however; if I had to describe it: I would use the words unique, Indie, and bedroom pop. 

TV girl is unique compared to other pop because of the vintage samples and the cuts between beats. Most samples are from media in the 1960’s and the classical beats make it feel nostalgic in some ways. There is a high contrast between the playful, lighthearted beat, and the despairing, gloomy vocals. The contrast appears most in “French Exit, released in 2014 with 12 songs. 

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The most well known song in “French Exit” would be Lovers Rock because of the relatablity of the lyrics. An example of this is “Because love can burn like a cigarette, and leave you with nothing.” 

Some lyrics you might listen to have lyrics that only show the best parts of someone’s life, or an ideal situation. The song Lovers Rock is recognized for the realism in the lyrics. It talks about situations you could easily find yourself in. situations like heartbreak and finding yourself to be a hopeless romantic.  

Other songs have a very similar feel and definition. For example, the songs Anjela and Talk To Strangers have the same reminiscent rhythm and the same somber voice explaining sorrows with love. 

Another very popular track is The Blonde. The meaning behind this song definitely resonates with most teenage girls. The lyrics explain there is a bias against women without blonde hair, and it implies they get less attention because of their brown, red, or black hair. I gathered this interpretation from the lyric “and who’s gonna kiss the brown haired girls? Who’s gonna wipe away their tears?” 

I think most women would find this relatable since beauty standards are so harsh. The beat gives a melancholic vibe that makes the lyrics feel connected to you almost no matter what it said. 

Hate Yourself and Birds Don’t Sing are songs that are much like The Blonde in the way that they explain some insecurities or issues women might deal with in romantic relationships or issues with themselves. 

If you are planning to listen to TV girl, I suggest wearing headphones and being alone somewhere. I believe the best way to enjoy this band is to almost isolate yourself in your own world. It’s nice to feel bad for yourself for a measly three minutes and 20 seconds. 

If you enjoy bands like Eyedress, Alex G, Duster, and Current Joys you would enjoy TV girl.

I give “French Exit” a 4 out of 5 stars.

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