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Avoid getting burnt by the wrong self tanner

With summer approaching most people enjoy more time outside, some mainly because they want a tan. I wanted to share with you a shortcut to tanning. To avoid the dangers of tanning beds and UV radius, there’s such a thing as self tan. Self tan is typically a foam consistency but can range from complete liquid or lotion-like consistencies. Self tanning is the most equivalent way to receiving a bronzed tan. 

  1. Bondi Sands Ultra Dark 

10/10 – $19.99 – First application leaves a green tint, once the 2 hours of drying and showering after are applied, you’re left with a golden bronzed tan. The consistency and color is a green/brown foam, one pump per section. If streaky, make sure to apply lotions after showering, depending on skin type. Instead of other strong smelling self tans, bondi sands include coconut for a main fragment. 


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         2. Tanologist – All Shades

7/10 – $18.99 – Every shade is a clear foam, which makes it harder to apply, typically missing spots in harder to reach areas. Slight transfer if the tan is still drying. Typically leave on for 2-4 hours. Personally, I find it easier to leave the tan on overnight. A stronger floral smell. Once being used to applying self tans, Tanologist is the next step.



         3. Tanologist – Facial Drops

6/10 – $9.99 When it comes to facial drops, it’s important to always moisturize. More of an orange tint around the upper lip and nose area. Mix with moisturizer, the liquid needs to be mixed with a personalized daily skincare, leaving you with a more natural shade. Make sure to apply with gloves so you aren’t left with splotchy hands. 


         4. B.Tan Glo on your way

6/10 – $10.00 – A clear lotion-like gel. Takes 8 hours to dry – leave it on overnight. Make sure to reapply each week, the tan shows up bronzed with a light orange tint. Non rinse required self tan. Will transfer on light clothes. Good for beginners due to the efficiency and easy application. 



         5. Jergens self tan foam

4/10 – $13.00 – Best tan for beginners. Lasts up to 2 washes. Last minute/cheap alternative. Takes 2 hours to dry, leaving it overnight results in a deeper color. Typically splotchy, transfers onto clothes easily. 



Disclaimer: Self tan makes your sensitive skin noticeable if not treated right, staying away from certain dry patches and acne is recommended. 

After receiving through popular self tans, it’s recommended you explore as well. The first tan you do will 100% not be easy, especially finding your desired color. Experimenting a couple of different brands helps you acknowledge the best fit tan for you!



























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