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Duffy nominated for Grammy award


Choir teacher Bridget Duffy-Ulrich is one of the 215 quarter-finalists from all over the country nominated for the 2025 11th annual Music Educator Award. 

The Music Educator Award can be awarded to any current music educator, from kindergarten to university, from public to private schools who has “made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education and who advocates for the ongoing inclusion of music education in schools.” There were originally over 2,400 nominations.

“I am very humbled and flattered to be nominated. I don’t do my work to gain accolades or awards, but it is also really nice to be recognized. 2400 nominations came in and to be in the quarterfinals with only about 200 other people feels like a really huge honor,” she said. 

While being nominated for such a prestigious award is great, there are some things that come along with it that Mrs. Duffy-Ulrich has to do before the next round. 

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“As part of the quarterfinals, I have to submit a portfolio of things to the Grammy Museum committee. I have to film my teaching, submit testimonials from others, write about my work, and submit a resume/list of accomplishments. They will review this info and from there, I believe they’ll select the semifinalists later in the summer.” Duffy-Ulrich said.

The top 10 finalists will be announced later this year. The winner will be flown out to LA to attend the 67th annual GRAMMY awards ceremony and will be able to participate in the events all week. The winner will also be gifted $10,000 and a school grant of the same price. All other nine honorees will be gifted $1,000 and a grant. 

Six other quarter-finalists are from Wisconsin.

Choir students who frequent Duffy-Ulrich’s choir classes in “Siberia,” the name for the classroom, feel Duffy-Ulrich more than deserves the recognition.

Sophomore Campbell Gies said, “I feel so happy for Ms. Duffy! She’s one of the most hardworking people I know, and she genuinely cares for her students and their wellbeing.”

In fact, one of her students nominated her for the award. 

“I had one email come through saying I was nominated by a student. I was so flattered and then even more surprised when I got several more nominations that day from other students. Apparently, they had a group chat and were sending the link around to have people nominate me.”

Despite what may appear as a nomination for popularity, Gies reiterated Duffy-Ulrich’s credentials 

“I think her understanding throughout the year really is what makes her deserve this award. She always gives the benefit of the doubt and listens. Also, she’s just extremely talented!”

Duffy-Ulrich also had something to say about her amazing students. 

“I can’t do my work as a teacher without the amazing students I get to work with each day. I am so grateful to everyone who supports me: my family, my colleagues, our administrators, our music families, and our ONHS music alums. I know the impact that a passionate and caring adult can have on students, and I strive each day to do that for others. I not only want to teach amazing music from all over the world, but I also want to teach high schoolers what it means to work together and express themselves. This award is a huge honor and I am so humbled to be nominated with so many other incredible educators.”

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