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Romance novels to kindle your feelings


Looking for new books to start reading? As it gets colder outside and we all get a little bit sadder, everyone could use a good book to make them feel warm on the inside. Here are ten of my favorite romance novels with many different tropes! 


People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

This story revolves around Poppy and Alex. They’ve been best friends since their freshman year of college, despite being polar opposites. But they stay connected over the years by taking a trip every summer, just to get away from their everyday lives, stress of their jobs, relationship problems, pretty much to just catch each other up on their lives. With a trip every year for the last decade, everything goes downhill. When two years ago they made a mistake they couldn’t move on from, and now they haven’t spoken since. Poppy is desperate to change things and get her book-loving, khaki-wearing best friend back, and planning one last trip for the two of them might be her only hope.

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Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

Parker Blanton and Ben Olsen met during their freshman year of college, and the connection they had- platonically- was almost immediate. Fast forward 6 years, they’re still best friends, sharing an apartment in Portland as they navigate adult life. But then Parker’s boyfriend randomly dumps her. While coping, she becomes curious about the no-strings-attached approach to dating that Ben has seemingly perfected. However, even bringing on Ben as her wingman, she can’t get comfortable with having casual relations- until she tries it with him.


Bully by Penelope Douglas  (Fall Away Series Book 1)

Tate and Jared were best friends once. Until he suddenly turned on her. He would never call her by her name, no; he would never even refer to her as a friendly nickname. He won’t even talk to her. Tate was humiliated, shut out, and gossipped about all through high school. The effort she put in just to stay away from him made her sick. Tate went as far as going away for a year, but she’s back now and she’s done hiding. Jared hasn’y changed – at least that’s what she thinks – but she has, and she’s ready to fight back.

The Un-honeymooners by Christina Lauren

Olive Torres was always the unlucky twin; she was used to it. She was forever jinxed. Her sister, however, is a walking four-leaf clover. She even managed to finance her entire wedding off of winning contests and collecting coupons. But as the bride’s twin sister, she’s thrown into the role of Maid of Honor, and the only thing worse than her bad luck is spending her sister’s wedding day with her nemesis – who also happens to be the Best Man – Ethan Thomas. Then, as if she couldn’t get any unluckier, the entire wedding party gets food poisoning, except for her… and Ethan. When there’s suddenly a free honeymoon up for grabs, Olive will not stand by and let Ethan enjoy paradise solo. The pair agrees to a truce, and heads to Maui. Ten days of pretending to be newlyweds in exchange for a free vacation? Olive is down for the ride, and the weird thing is, she doesn’t mind pretending. As their vacation continues and their opinions of each other change into something more than enemies, more than friends even, Olive starts to think she might not be as unlucky as she thought

Fake Relationship

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Olive Smith is a third year Ph.D. student. While her life revolves around science, she doesn’t believe in true love, nor does she have time for it. But, her best friend on the other hand, loves true love. Which is kind of the root of her problem in the first place. Convincing Anh that Olive is in a committed, happily ever after bound relationship after Anh won’t stop pestering her about it, Olive knows that it’ll take more than her word to convince her. What’s one thing that all scientists require? Proof. So like the biologist she is, she panics and kisses the first man she sees.

Heartbreakers and Fakers by Cameron Lund

Penny Harris may or may not have just ruined her own life. As one of the most popular girls in school, party invites, and dating Jordan Parker, she can’t wait to rule her senior year of high school with Olivia, her best friend. But when she wakes up on Jordan’s front lawn the morning after his big Summer Bash, she’s hit with the guttural feeling that something went horribly wrong the night before: She kissed Kai Tanaka, her nemesis who also happens to be her best friend’s boyfriend. Freshly dumped and down a best friend, her ideal summer isn’t so picture perfect anymore. As she watches Jordan seek comfort and possibly even more in Olivia, Kai and Penny both want to save their relationships, so the pair come up with what they think is a foolproof plan: convince their friends that they have actual feelings for each other before senior year starts. After all, no one can resist a good love story. 

Arranged Marriage

King of Wrath by Ana Huang

Dante Russo lives off of control, both professionally and personally. As a billionaire CEO, he has no plans to marry, until the threat of blackmail throws him into an engagement with a woman he barely knows. Vivian Blau. Jewelry heiress and daughter of Dante’s newest enemy. Marrying her father’s nemesis opens doors for her new-money family that would otherwise stay closed. While Dante isn’t her usual type, she agrees to the marriage out of duty. But craving his touch and his presence was never part of the plan. 

Royally (Re)Arranged by Emma St. Clair

Princess Serafina has been in love with her intended groom since they were kids, so an arranged marriage isn’t the worst thing that could happen to her. But when her prince shows up with no engagement ring and an American girlfriend in its place, all arrangements are off. If Serafina isn’t married by the end of Summer, she’ll have to forfeit her kingdom. Desperation can make even the most posh of princesses do crazy things, like make a deal with a devil like duke. Rafe is the prince’s rival and plans something so crazy, it might just work. 

Forced Proximity

Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

When the head of the Ballenger empire dies, his son, Jase, is the new leader. This outlaw family governs by their own rules, forcing other nearby kingdoms to bow down to their strength. But a new era is right around the corner, featuring a new young queen, making her the target of the dynasty’s resentment and anger. Then, the queen sends Kazi, a legendary street thief, to investigate transgressions against the new settlements. But when Kazi arrives in land of the Ballengers, she’s thrown into unexpected events that bring her and Jase intimately together, and she learns that there’s more to him than she originally thought. 

By Your Side by Kasie West 

Autumn Collins ends up locked inside of the library for the entire weekend, and just when she thinks nothing could possibly make this worse, she realizes that Dax Miller is locked in with her. She doesn’t know much about Dax except that he’s trouble. She’s heard the rumors of the recent fights that he’s been in, the tiny little juvie stint that followed, and his reputation as a loner. So he’s not exactly the most ideal person to be stuck with. But it’s fine, because pretty soon, her soon-to-be-boyfriend Jeff is going to realize she’s missing and come to get her. Only he doesn’t, no one does. While the two live off vending machines and food from the staff lounge, Autumn finds that there’s more to Dax than what meets the eye. As they both open up to each other, Autumn is surprised by their strong connection. Can their feelings survive after the weekend is over and their outside lives come into play?

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