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Spooky Haunted Houses Near Oshkosh

Spooky Haunted Houses Near Oshkosh

It’s Spooky season, and you know what that means! Halloween, and right now  is the best time to go to haunted houses and get those thrills in before they all close for the season. Here is a list of some of the spookiest (and closest) haunted houses near Oshkosh!


Schuster’s Haunted Forest 

Schuster’s Haunted Forest is a very scary place to go if you want a mystical fright. The attention to details, and the set pacing is bound to keep one’s heart pacing. Jumpscares and terrors come out when you least expect it, and the eerie spacious forest around could give you goosebumps.

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Not only is it a great haunted scene, but many people enjoyed the haunting Hayride, good food.

It is a 1 hr and 34 minute drive down from Oshkosh.


Haunted mansion WI dells

The haunted mansion is a new addition to the attractions that Wisconsin dells is known for. If you’re going to one of the resorts this fall,  be sure to stop down and give yourself, family and friends a fright! The haunted mansion is located within walking distance of the Dells attractions and restaurants.

The price is also incredibly reasonable. Free for children 5 and below, general admissions cost; $7.45, groups of 11 people or more takes that price down to $6.35.

The distance from Oshkosh is approximately 1hr and 40 minutes.


Green Bay fear

Where terror calls home, at Green Bay fear going through the haunted house is a walk of nightmares. In the darkness in every corner lives a horrifying being, waiting for their time to hear your screams. This place is described as not only super scary, but also super fun and creepy. After all this excitement, going to the Haunted Midway with a hot chocolate, enjoying the nightly live music, and stepping into the Freak Show starring the World’s Strangest Strongman, Baron Von Gieger.

General admissions pricing is $20, and for a fast pass included $25

Green Bay fear is a 48 minute drive. 


Burial Chambers

One of the most popular Haunted houses on this list is Burial Chambers. Being visited often by students of ONHS this haunted house is huge; with two massive indoor haunted houses and one outdoor wooden trail, and four burial simulators all at one location.

The first, called “adrenaline house ”, is a customer favorite. It has an industrial/ military theme that is being attacked by ZOMBIES. All of your senses will be assaulted at once, and the chaos will be all in your face which will get your heart pounding. 

(Warning: Gunfire noises will be used)

The second house is called “Insanity House” this attraction is bound to frighten you on a psychological level. The Crazy actors, unusual environment, and confusion could leave you crazy once stepping out! This haunted house is very interactive and entertaining.

The Haunted trail makes people who walk through feel as if they are a part of a horror movie. The dark woods will keep your hair standing  up, and make you feel watched. A wide variety of spooky characters will come out of different angles, and jump-scare you.

Buried alive experience; this simulates what its like to be buried alive, which makes the user be overcome by fear, and adrenaline.

Burial chambers is a 20 minute drive  north of Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Pricing: 1 Event – $20.00, 2 Events – $35.00, 3 Events – $45.00, 3 Events with The Hunt – $50.00


Spooks on Spurr

Spooks on spur is a haunted attraction located in New London, Wisconsin. “The old spurr mansion” as the locals call it was a mansion built in the 1800’s. The Mansions historical mystique that brings shivers down your spine. The old “Spurr Mansion”  became the Mansion of Misery and the adjacent woods became the Forest of Freaks. The great actors, and spooky details make it not only a very scary place, but also a great way to spend an evening; with Haunted Hay-rides, corn mazes, and trails. This haunt is R rated, and recommended for ages 16+

Prices: $20 admission for the Mansion of Misery, and $20 for the Forest of Freaks

And It is open on Fridays, and Saturdays until the end of October

It is a 37 minute long drive from Oshkosh!


Zombus- Zombie Apocalypse paintball!

If you like a more hands on adrenaline filled, and spooktasticly fun adventure, then going to a zombie apocalypse paintball match is the best thing to do this October. Its action packed with a ramped up scare factor! Haunted Castles, spooky houses and pirate ships, and interactive challenges throughout the entire experience. A new touch of flamethrowers, and a Gellyball experience makes this place so much cooler to navigate. This is Wisconsin’s Ultimate interactive haunt experience!

One reviewer said “ So thought out on the placement of the scare team and the commitment to the roles like no other! Will be back year after year if they keep up the great work!” Another stated “My family and I had a great time. It was exciting as we climbed on to the vehicle and found our equipment. Felt like being in a zombie movie and playing the role of a survivor who beats all odd to win over the zombies”

Prices:  Zombus ride: $25 Wicked woods: $17 Gellyball:$7 and $40 for all 3!

It is roughly an hour long drive from Oshkosh WI


Warriors Haunted Asylum

At Warriors Haunted Asylum they are  taking everything to the next level. Moving the decorations from the yard to setting up a haunted house. It’s time to shine and scare you in the dark. People seem to be incredibly spooked by this place, One reviewer said “What nice bunch of monsters , had my hair on edge all the way through and then you think your done and you meet Scream standing by fire , and he helps you get photos and poses to if ask and even if you don’t , You can tell all the actors really like what they do” and another said “I think it’s almost better than Burial Chambers”

The admission fee is $14 when purchased online!

It is an approximate 43  drive away.


Haunted Pastime Hotel

With 14,500 sq feet, and 3 floors, The haunted pastime hotel is a terrifying way to spend the rest of October. You’ll be taken down to our asylum, beware of the spirits in the darkness of the haunted hotel, you’ll slide into the twists and turns of the mad house maze, and finish with a trip to a different dimension. With  crouching, crawling, low ceiling, sliding, and stepping through portions of this attraction this attraction will leave you spooked with your hands and clothes dirty. Strobe lights and jump scares will creep up throughout this horrifying haunted Hotel.

The Pricing is $15 for general admission and $10 for ages 12 and under.

This place is a 1 hour drive from Oshkosh.

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