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Anderson dresses up his dreams


A lot of people have dreams and aspirations, such as being able to support yourself without the average 9-5 job. Often, though, reality quickly poses obstacles to hopes and dreams. 

Junior Marcus Anderson didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dream of starting his own clothing brand. 

“I wanna be 19 and have a big corporate brand, open up a store where people can walk in.”

Anderson isn’t the first in his family to start a clothing line. His cousin also started one, inspiring Anderson to start his own.

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“I saw people on TikTok, making brands, and my cousin already has a brand. I was just sitting down with him and I said, ‘I should start a brand’.”

Some people have the same dream, but won’t act on it. Unlike most people, Anderson acted on his passion, and started his own clothing line called RichStar.

 Anderson decided to make his own brand because he feels it’s important for clothes to be affordable but still stylish. He noticed how overpriced stylish clothing was, which also moved him to create RichStar.

“I’ve been seeing designer brands charge six to seven hundred dollars for clothes, and I make clothes similar to that in quality, and they’re 50 to 60 dollars.”

Anderson started his journey of making clothes in July. Not long after, he dropped his first line of clothes in January. That amount of progress is very impressive for a student who also has to focus on grades just as much as his entrepreneurial goals. 

His first drop did better than he expected: it completely sold out after a week. He was on the right track to success. That gave Anderson the confidence and motivation to keep following his dream. 

“I just did my first drop of clothes in January, and I sold out in a week. That drop was amazing, and it made me motivated to keep making clothes.”

Anderson is active on all platforms of social media, and keeps it updated with information about his clothes. Anderson has big dreams and hopes that one day, he will be a trending designer brand. It’s very impressive how far he has come already from just one simple thought. 

Anderson promotes all of his clothes online.

 For those interested in RichStar clothing, the website is linked here.                        

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    LaTonya AllenApr 18, 2024 at 9:26 am


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    Marcus AndersonApr 17, 2024 at 7:45 pm

    My thoughts for my son. I’m so proud of you and so happy you’re really Pursuing your dreams. Just to know you’re only 17yrs old and know where I was at when I was your age is what helps me make sure you don’t repeat my past is a blessing. You are a star waking to shine brighter the moon and the Sun and I’ll be behind you with support every step of the way