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1989 Taylor’s Version


Taylor Swift, one of the best selling artists, has come out with another album. However, this album 1989 is not so new it’s just her reclaiming the rights for her songs. 

Personally I think that this is Swift’s best recreated album she’s ever made. Her “vault tracks” are relatable and intriguing and show her listeners she goes through the same stuff as they do.

1989 (TV) is #1 on Billboard 200 within days. As well as with the album being dropped she became a billionaire in early Nov. a week after 1989 (TV). There were 1.261 million copies of 1989 sold. In 2014 1989 sold 14,332,116 copies worldwide.


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On Oct. 27, 2023, Swift released 1989 Taylor’s version (TV). Taylor’s Version means she now owns the rights to her album. However, 1989 was released on the same date but in 2014. With 1989 Taylor’s Version coming out, she is now a billionaire with the release of her new album. Her net worth is now 1.1 billion.

Swift was in a contract with Big Machine Records that expired in 2018 but essentially all her albums and songs that she made during that contract were not fully hers. Luckily for the listeners, she improved an already great album.

Swift has come out with rerecording of 80% of her albums since. With those rerecordings, she always adds more songs that were just not released to begin with. My personal favorite vault track is “Suburban Legends”

1989 is a very pop-style album with the famous song “Welcome to New York” which was played in the hit movie The Secret Life of Pets. With her owning her rights, she added five new songs which the Swifties call “Vault Tracks.”

The Vault songs in Taylor’s Version 1989 include “Slut!” “Say Don’t Go”, “Now That We Don’t Talk”, “Suburban Legends” and “Is It Over Now?”. 

“Slut” is more of a shill song talking about falling in love and paying the price. It relates to Swift during that time because the media has said numerous times she dates too much.

“Say Don’t Go” is a song about someone who’s not ready to give up on love yet even though their partner has. It’s a very pop song compared to the devastating lyrics, “Why’d you have to lead me on? Why’d you have to twist the knife? Walk away and leave me bleedin’, bleedin’? Why’d you whisper in the dark? Just to leave me in the night? Now your silence has me screamin’, screamin””

“Now That We Don’t Talk” is about Harry Styles, her ex-boyfriend, and their break up. It’s about accepting the changes that come after a breakup. 

“Suburban Legends” is another chill laid back song. It’s about the feelings of nostalgia and longing. As well as, yes, heartbreak.

Finally “Is It Over Now?” is a song that explores the aftermath of a breakup with honesty and emotion. It explores Swift’s anger stage during her breakup. 

Many fans on TikTok are talking about how the album is the best they have ever heard. While some have complaints about how the audio and tone are different—which is the whole point is to make it her own. Including her albums Fearless, Red, Speak Now which have all been re-recorded.

However many Swifties have major complaints about how Style, one of Swift’s most popular songs, changed. The song was very preppy and now it is more toned down and the beginning has lower loudness than the first time she made the song.

Swift has become a very popular artist in the past couple of years. She had an outstanding tour this year called the Eras tour where every single stadium was packed/sold out. There were about 72,000 people per show with an estimated 13 million dollars per show.

In all, I give this album a 5/5.

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class 2026!!! round 2 baby!!! anyways i love t swift!!!

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