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Mazurczak Moves to the Classroom

Mazurczak Moves to the Classroom

While Nicholas Mazurczak is not new to this school, his second year role will be changing at Oshkosh North High School.

 After Graduating from UW-Milwaukee, his first employment was at Oshkosh North, as a study hall proctor. Mazurczak changed his career path by becoming a cross categorical special education paraprofessional. 

As of right now, I love what I’m doing here. I feel really close with teachers I’m in classrooms with now ,” said Mazurczak.

He graduated with a degree in elementary education, with two minors, both in math, one of the two in elementary math.

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“At some point I would like to go back for a graduate degree. But I don’t know for what yet. It might be Ed[ucation] Leadership. I’ve looked into it, but it all depends,” Mazurczak said.

Mazurczak coached high school football in Milwaukee right out of college. He is currently coaching at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. 

“So right now, I’m at a really good point. My goal in life would be to coach football full time,” said Mazurczak. 

School spirit gets Mazurczak excited, he loves meeting students, attending sporting events is one of his favorite pastimes. 

“I enjoy going to different sporting events and seeing all the kids, the student sections cheering on their classmates,” Mazurczak says. 

While he is enjoying his time working with high school students, he keeps up with openings that might interest him.  

Every year I will always seek out opportunities for coaching, and if there’s a place I like or that I feel would be a good fit, I would move on,” stated Mazurczak.

He grew up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

“I came from a private high school, so it is a very different experience. [Here,] it’s really enjoyable to see some of the same factors. There [is] a lot of community among the  teachers and among the students whether its clubs or sports.”

Despite going to a private school, Mazurczak was not exactly a goody-two shoes.

“Freshman year of high school I was not always the greatest kid. I was a good student and just not always behavioral. I figured out how to connect my phone with all of the projectors in our high school, and so in class I would remotely turn on and off [teachers’] projectors in different rooms, and it drove teachers nuts.”

However, he hope students do not follow those footsteps but instead heed his more mature advice. 

“I would say whatever you do in high school and whatever you do after, just focus and pursue your goals. Sometimes it might not be the way you want it to be, or you might have to step back or step forward. Just take every opportunity you have here and grow.”

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