Maas wins the land with Kingdom of Ash

Maas wins the land with Kingdom of Ash

Sarah McAvoy, Writer

With a constant stream of new releases everyday it seems impossible to find anything that truly succeeds in captivating the mind. However YA writer Sarah J. Maas has accomplished this many times over. She is responsible for many New York Times bestselling books and series. Releasing the first book in her eight book series in 2012, including a book of novellas and another of a separate events but the same timeline as another novel in the series. Wrapping everything up with a nice little bow in October of this year with the final installation, Kingdom of Ash.

Now if you have not read the Throne of Glass series I would highly recommend it, especially if you find yourself consistently intrigued by fantasy books that are unpredictable and filled with to the brim with incredibly impossible events. Full of magic, Witches, the Immortal Fae, Demons Kings and Queens. While it may sound childish the picture painted by Maas, managing to take creatures from our bedtime stories and m turn them into fear invoking warriors. Spinning tales that lead to harrowing adventures and destructive wars. Even as the attempts to outrun the darkness that sweeps across this fantasy world takes the forefront of the story, it is not lacking of its heartwarming moments between friends and lovers.

In this final installation we follow Aelin and her many companions through their final trial against the Valg(demon) forces that threaten to destroy their already fractured land. As a book of 984 pages I feel as if any summary given would not do it justice and give away to many key parts of the story, so for now we’ll skip that part. But for a slight overview in the Kingdom of Ash you will find at least twelve corresponding narratives that all contribute to the story creating a fully rounded tale. While every story has it’s holes in certain parts, whether its forgotten information form the past or parts that just don’t quite fit Maas does an incredible job of keeping hers to a minimum. Allowing the story to flow on it’s own and giving a little something for almost every type of reader out there to enjoy.

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about Kingdom of Ash and other works by Maas is that not everything is wrapped up in a nice little bow. We see characters torn apart by internal battles, undergo incredibly hard and realistic trials, and in the end gives the reader something real in a world so full of the impossible.  

So once again if you are a fan of Fantasy or just want something new to take your mind off of things I would highly recommend the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. In addition to this any of her other works are a great escape and thoroughly entertaining.