The Embark of Clark

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The Embark of Clark

Destiny Lo, Writer

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History isn’t the most enticing thing out there compared to other subjects. History isn’t usually known as the most the most exciting and most loved subject among students, yet Mr. Eric Clark, a teacher at Oshkosh North, has the ability to make it more entertaining for himself and especially for his students to engage during his class.

Clark, who has been teaching at Oshkosh North for 27 years, decided to become a teacher after eventually giving up on his former dream of becoming a state trooper.

“I didn’t decide on teaching until my sophomore year in college. One of my great teachers, Mr. Dave Morrison, who’s retired from North, kind of steered me towards that. I worked in the summer program for the Recreation Department for Mr. [Dave] Morrison, and it was something he kind of suggested.”

However, Clark heading into college got his undergraduate degree at UW-Oshkosh while achieving his master’s degree at UW-Lakeland.

“I remember my most embarrassing day in college. It was the first day and I went to my first class only to realize that it was the wrong class. I was too embarrassed to get up and walk out so I decided to sit through the class.”

Being born in 1965, Clark as a kid had a dream career just as all kids do

“The funny thing is that for the longest time, I thought I was going to be a state trooper. I always thought being an FBI agent would have been interesting.”

Clark had his dream job drilled in his head, but it wasn’t the only thing that he had in his head.

“I always think of my memories as a kid, it’s just always playing outside: whether it be fishing, hunting or just riding my bike all over the place.”

With his career decided, he strove to complete his goal. However, horror struck as 19-year-old Clark got electrocuted working at a factory.

“Well, like most people, you have to work your way through school, so in college, I had a factory type job, some sort of Warehouse. I was 19 years old and I end up working, and I was electrocuted and the burns ended up resulting in losing my right leg.”

The factory that Clark formerly worked at shut down and now is currently a park.

“The Factory wasn’t really a factory and more of an old warehouse. It’s gone and now is a park.”

With the support of his family and other loved ones, Clark fully recovered from his accident. Eventually getting married to his wife and having his three boys, Andrew, and Evan. While completing his life in college Clark had only begun what is known as the embark of Clark.