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North scores highest on report cards in the Fox Valley


Oshkosh North High School received the highest score on 2022-23 report cards in the entire Fox Valley with a score of 74.2, which “Exceeds Expectations”.

We’re thrilled to announce that Oshkosh North High School achieved the highest high school rating score in the entire Fox Valley area on the Wisconsin DPI’s 2022-2023 school report card,” Principal Michelle Last said in an email to staff. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work, growth-mindset, and dedication of our incredible students, teachers, staff, and supportive community.”

The report card provides scores in four priority areas: achievement, growth, target group outcomes, and on-track to graduation. Achievement summarizes how students performed on state assessments while growth measures year-to-year student progress on statewide tests.  Target group outcomes examine the outcomes of students with the lowest test scores, and on-track to graduation measures how successful students are to complete their K-12 education.

According to Oshkosh North High’s 2022-23 report card, the growth component scored significantly higher than other factors assessed in the report card, with an overall score of 82.2. This score means that on average, students at North are progressing more quickly than other students statewide. 

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This is highlighted in the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s press release:

“Highlights from the recently released district and school report cards for the OASD include continued strong performance at the high school level, with Oshkosh North seeing continued and substantial improvement in the Target Group Outcomes priority area. This priority area, formerly called Closing Gaps, is designed to inform improvement efforts, resulting in positive change for learners who most need it while also improving outcomes for all students.”        

North High School’s score is the same or higher than 87.8% of 9-12 schools in Wisconsin, putting North in a competitive range for growth. North’s 2020-21 had an overall score of 66.4, with the score rising to 70.8 for the 2021-22 report card. The score is used to provide information to the public on how schools are doing. The first report cards in Wisconsin were released in 2011, after state law required all public schools to receive an annual report card.

For many teachers at North, the score on the report card represents the hard work staff and students put into learning. Jeff Cheely, one of the Dean of Students at North, believes that the report card is a show of accomplishments and determination by North students.

“I think [the report card] means that we are working towards growth here in the building, the growth of our students. The report card has four different factors, and all of them are working towards student achievement, and showing we are continuous learners here in the building, trying to improve each year.,” Cheely said.

Neenah High School had the next high score with a 71.8, closely followed by Oshkosh West High School with 70.6.

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