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Cheely Replaces Speidel As New Dean of Students


Some things are best left in the past.

Jeffrey Cheely will no longer teach history in the Social Studies department. Instead, he will serve as a Dean of Students.

He replaces Robyn Speidel, who has taken the assistant principal position vacated by Michelle Last, our new principal.

“[Becoming the dean of students] was always something in the back of my mind. It wasn’t until this opportunity showed up that it sparked, ‘Oh yeah, maybe this is a possibility.’”

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Cheely will work as part of the administration team although each person is in charge of their own specific grades for attendance.

“In general, the Assistant Principals have attendance for certain grades. I have attendance for 10th graders”

Cheely first started working at Oshkosh North in 2021, making this his 3rd year here.

Cheely’s goal as a dean is to make connections with students and hopefully shed some light on the role of dean of  students. 

“As a classroom teacher, you are building relationships around the curriculum: US history, Economics, whatever those might be. Now as the dean, you are truly focusing on connections (with students).” 

Cheely believes deans must be available to students and to be able to have positive interactions with students on their terms. 

“Becoming the dean of students, there is almost this negativity to the position because you tend to deal with behavior, but I love positive interactions with students too.” 

Often, dean’s deal with misbehavior such as fights, insubordination, tardiness, and other behavioral issues.

One way Cheely can connect with students is football, as a long time fan of the Colts and fantasy football enthusiast he is always ready to touchdown on the topic. 

“This year I’m involved in 5 different fantasy football leagues” Cheely says. 

Head to Cheely’s office located in student services right across from the Nurse’s office for advice on setting your weekly lineup. 

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