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Meet North High’s New Principal: Michelle Last


 For the first time since 2018, Oshkosh North will have a new principal. Former Assistant Principal Michelle Last replaces Jacquelyn Kiffmeyer as the head administrator of Oshkosh North. She believes that she brings a similar yet different approach than Kiffmeyer:  “I am similar in the fact that safety is both of our number one priority.  I lead with a servant and transformational leadership style which is focused on the growth of the students, staff, and the community. I  believe we can always grow and look for ways to change systems for future success.”

Last began working at North in 2018 as well, with 2023 marking her 6th year here. When the job opened, she knew right away that she would apply for the job.

“ [North] is where I would want to work, I love the diversity of our staff and students. The fact that we have so many different languages and people from all different countries in one building is really cool.” 

She also explained that being principal is an opportunity to help students through a different lens and role.

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“Thinking about teaching, teaching you’re able to help students day to day in the classroom, but there’s also things that students need support in that is outside of a classroom.”

Some of Last’s new roles include supporting staff and students, and helping staff support students.

Last was also interested in being principal at North because of how it is centered in Oshkosh, where she grew up, attended college (at UWO), and even got her first job.

“My first job, I worked at Westside Tire. I was not a mechanic, but I did learn how to change tires and do oil changes. I actually worked in their accounting department.” 

Last explained she did this through her high school’s co-op program, which allowed students to earn credit for working, oftentimes letting them leave school early senior year.

Last has worked in the Oshkosh Area School District her entire professional career, moving from middle school to high school.

“I was a math teacher [at Tipler Middle School] for thirteen years before I was here. [At the start of college,] I went into accounting after working at West Side and realized I like numbers and math as well as working with students.”

Just like students here at North, Last had to work hard to do well in school.

“I wouldn’t say I was the highest achieving student. I definitely had to work in some of my classes to do well.”

Her advice to high school students here at North is to get involved in school, and to be true to yourself.

“The more involved you are, the better your high school experience is. If things are not going well, it’s only for a period of time. The great part is you get to be you and be authentic to that.”

Outside of school, Last loves reading, being active outside, and spending time with her three kids and two dogs.

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