Summer Bag Essentials


Kate Gassere

I am constantly on the go during summer, so having a properly supplied bag is a must. As an expert over-packer and overly prepared person, here are my summer bag essentials. Some of it may seem a little repetitive or impractical to be carrying around all the time, but I love options and I love being over prepared even more. 


During the summer, keeping sunglasses on hand is a must for me. Not only are sunglasses cute, but they offer your eyes protection from the sun. There are many fun and unique styles of sunglasses for different occasions, so you can match your pair to each occasion.  


Sunburns are no joke, which is why sunscreen is an essential when I’m packing my bag. A lot of time is spent outside when its nice and warm, and the last thing you want is to be caught without adequate sun protection. My go to sunscreen to keep in my bag is Sunbum’s spf 70 spray. 


My favorite lip care product needs to come with me everywhere. Having dry lips is a universally bad experience, and keeping Aquaphor on hand prevents that. There are many packaging variations of Aquaphor including mini tubes as well as lip balm style tubes that are super convenient to keep in your bag. 

Digital Camera 

I love to capture all kinds of fun moments during the summer on a small digital camera. It easily fits in my bag and is easily accessible to save all kinds of summer memories in a fun way. It may seem impractical to take pictures on a tiny camera with the good quality phone cameras available, but I love it. 

Claw Clip

For most people with long hair, the heat of summer is not something enjoyable. Claw clips are my favorite way to get my hair out of my face and to help me cool off when it’s hot. In addition to keeping hair out of your face, claw clips minimize hair damage. Plus, they can help you style your bag.

Baseball Cap 

If I don’t already have my hair up in one of my favorite claw clips, I love to wear baseball caps, so there’s always one in my bag. A low braid and a hat is a go to hairstyle during windy days. It can help block the sun from your eyes and allow you to enter incognito-mode. 

Spiral Hair Ties

Whether or not I actually plan to put my hair up with it, I always have a spiral hair tie tucked away somewhere. I like options when it comes to what I’m going to do with my hair, so I always pack all the options so that I can be as indecisive as I wish to be. Plus, they’re pretty inconspicuous, so they won’t take up much room in the bag. 

Mini Brush 

Continuing with the collection of hair items, a mini brush can save you from embarrassing moments. Keeping a small brush in your bag is a lifesaver for anyone with long and unruly hair. You never know when you or a friend may be in need of a hair touch up. 

A snack 

Whenever I’m going out for the day, I always pack a snack. Some personal favorites include a Clif bar or Cheez Its. You never know what you’re going to end up doing or where you’ll go sometimes, so always pack a good snack. Keep it small, fast, and preferably non-perishable.


I find myself needing a lot of bandaids during summer. My normal amount of bumps and scratches seems to multiply as I spend more time outside. Not only is it good to keep bandaids for your own scrapes and scratches, but you’ll always be able to help out friends too. 

Packing all the little things you may need this summer may seem like a lot of work, but it can save you from quite a few undesirable or embarrassing situations. Hopefully these suggestions leave you some new ideas for a well stocked bag and feeling prepared for summer 2023. Don’t forget your sunscreen!