Communities, Breakwater Coalition team up via podcast


Junior Communities students Evelyn Oehler and Jera Jennings participate in a podcast discussing teens and mental health by partnering with the Breakwater Coalition.

Evelyn Oehler, Guest writer

Communities students and the Breakwater Coalition have created podcast episodes to create awareness of topics surrounding teens (substance use, burnout, mental health, and overall life). This is a great way to get the community to understand the teens of Oshkosh and create safe and meaningful confrontations. Our first two podcasts are already published on Soundcloud and other streaming platforms. The first podcast is your hosts, Evelyn Oehler and Jera Jennings, introducing themselves and sharing what they will be partaking in, and the second podcast is the first topic, teens and substance use. 

The goal of The Breakwater Podcast is to get the community involved in teens’ lives and provide insight into teens’ lives. Because parents grew up in a different generation than teens did, it’s important to realize teens aren’t growing up the same way adults have. The podcast helps adults in the community understand teens, and connect with them in a healthy way. 

Communities students are also creating an event to promote Breakwater’s message: You can have fun without using substances. The event will take place on May 26th from 5:30 to 8:30, at the Downtown YMCA in Oshkosh (324 Washington Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901). Teens will get to participate in games with fun prizes, and free food! The planning team for this event is made up of: Breakwater, The Oshkosh Herald, Mirrorless Productions, the UWO Police Department, and Solutions Recovery, who are all committed to helping reduce and prevent youth substance use in our community. 


Communities is a community based learning program at Oshkosh North High School that offers students a unique way to enhance their skills in: literacy, leadership, digital citizenship, and social studies while covering all required district standards. The Communities program collaborates with businesses, organizations, and members of the community in an effort to provide an authentic learning experience while improving the community.