Top Five Restaurants to Visit this Summer


Vianna Dao, Writer

As another school year comes to an end, summer is just around the corner, meaning most people look forward to more time. Some people decide to spend it either with family, friends or simply another activity. But why not use the summertime to go try a different variety of foods from businesses here in the city?

Because of my own culture, I am able to have a different variety of food other than what is considered the “basic American food” at home thanks to my mom’s cooking. However, this has sparked my love and appreciation of different types of foods. Basically, it makes me a foodie who loves looking for new restaurants to try!

Below you will find some restaurants that allow you to travel the world through food, while staying right in Oshkosh. I chose these restaurants because it gave me the feeling of being in another country just from having their food. Since food is a part of culture, you’re able to view a part of different cultures just from food.

Sushi Lover
The name basically says it all, but actually there’s more to it. Sushi Lover is a buffet-style restaurant that focuses mainly on sushi variations with multiple different flavors to try along with sides of soup and salad that are Asian-based. Some of the appetizers include crab rangoons, shrimp tempura, and edamame. Though, if you don’t only want to have sushi the whole visit, the kitchen also serves fried rice, yakisoba, and fried udon with different variations such as vegetables, chicken, shrimp and beef. They also have hibachi and teriyaki with either vegetables, steak or chicken. It is a family friendly restaurant where children have the option to order from mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and french fries.

Bangkok Thai Cuisine
Bangkok Thai is a local restaurant that is focused around Thai and Asian flavors, including boba tea drinks. The boba tea has six variations of drink types, 30 different flavors to choose from, and 3 different add-ins that include popping pearls and fruit jells with variations of flavors. Customer’s favorite appetizers from the restaurant would be the eggrolls (shrimp, chicken, vegetables) and crab rangoons. However, some hidden but less popular appetizers to try would be the fresh rolls, fresh/fried potstickers, and pork steam buns. Their main course options range from Asian-based soups and salads, fried rice, pad thai variations, noodles, Thai curry, and Thai brown sauce variations with rice.

The Taqueria
The Taqueria is a family-owned local restaurant that serves Mexican style street food. It’s a nice, walk-in-and-order environment. In the summer, they are known to have activities outside of the restaurant for customers to enjoy and also provide outdoor seating. It’s not like your regular Taco Bell; some find it more authentic. Like many other restaurants, they have for their appetizer, chips with different types of dipping sauce, salsa, queso, guacamole, choriqueso, and bean dip. The main course options that they offer are nachos libre, cali fries, tamales, tostadas, tacos, rolled tacos, quesadillas, burritos/bowls, salads, alambres, tortas, mariscos (seafood), platillos, calados. These options have variations within the general category for customers to choose from more.

Parm is a local restaurant that is based on an Italian and French fusion. It is also ran by local individuals who were born and raised in Oshkosh. Their philosophy is based on buying locally, having great ingredients, and making dishes from scratch. Some of their appetizers (named small pieces) are meatballs, baked goat cheese, salmon cakes, breads and cakes, broccolini, and cheese and sausage boards. A unique feature of this restaurant would be they offer pizza wood fried pizza playful called Mack, Dan, Chewy, Blanco, Emilie, Scott, Grant, and Missy. Though they have names of people, each is a specific variation of pizza. If you enjoy salads, they offer such as caprese, roasted grape, and chop. Lastly, they have the “big bites” which are other dinner options such as Italian beef, gnocchi, and wood-fried tenderloin for those who aren’t in the mood for pizza.

Mara’s Brazilian Cuisine
Hidden in the City Center downtown, Mara’s Brazilian Cuisine brings a unique flavor to our city . Mara was born and raised in Fortaleza, Ceará, on the Northeast side of Brazil. Mara loves sharing the culture and food diversity that she has with others. The menu consists of many traditional foods that have originated in Brazil such as coxinha with either chicken, beef and cheese, beef and cream cheese, and shrimp, or calabresa (Brazilian Sausage), Moquece de Camarao, stroganoff de carne or de frango, farofa, and Linguiça (Brazilian Sausages). There are also daily specials such as Escondidinho de Carne Moida (Brazilian Shepherd’s Pie)-Tuesday Special, Galinhada (Chicken with Rice)-Wednesday Special only, Carne Louca Sandwich-Thursday Special, Peixada (Swordfish Stew)-Friday Special only and Feijoada (Brazilian Black Bean Stew)-Saturday Special.

These are all local restaurants that are scattered around the city just waiting for people to try. If you’re bored or want something new to discover, try one of these restaurants.
Besides, it’s a lot cheaper to travel the world through local cuisine than going to the actual country.