Senior Column: Lexy Holovack


Alexis Holovack, Photographer/Writer

On September 1, 2019, I walked into Oshkosh North High school, clueless as to what my next four years held for me. Little did I know that the next four years would provide me a bittersweet experience. I went through things I thought would never happen to me, and yet each and every experience helped me to grow as a person, allowing me to leave high school as the person I’ve always wanted to become. 

Coming from California, I didn’t know anyone coming into high school. Throughout my freshman year, I made a few friends, but nobody that took up a significant role in my life by the end. I started off really well, and even ended my first semester of high school with straight A’s. 

Then, COVID-19 hit. 

At first, I was happy since we got a two week break. Little did everyone know, nobody came back until the middle of sophomore year in 2020. During my time at home, I was isolated. Hidden away from my friends and even my family the longer we were under lockdown. This isolation resulted in my GPA dropping substantially as I had essentially just given up. We came back every other day switching between A days and B days. Except, coming back didn’t take away that isolation I was so used to feeling. 

I never was infected by COVID-19, yet it still affected every aspect of my life, forcing me to learn to live with it.

My junior year was my best year. I met a group of friends that supported me through every step of high school and accepted me for who I was. I also reconnected with someone I had briefly become friends with during freshman and sophomore year. Little did I know, she would be the reason I got through junior year. 

She was there for one of the hardest times in my life, and I was there for one of hers. We supported each other through everything. She taught me how important communication is and how important it is to love myself. She taught me that it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to go through hard times. She taught me that even when I’m struggling, I’ll always be okay. 

My junior year was the best one because it was the year I learned who I was. I started to enjoy life, really enjoy it. I learned to value my friends. I learned to take risks. I learned to take care of myself, and I learned to value myself. Junior year taught me that I’m caring, empathetic, spontaneous, and optimistic.

My senior year of high school was the most bittersweet. I spent all year excited for the end of high school, but soon realized the end means saying goodbye. It meant saying goodbye to my friends who got me through high school. 

Saying goodbye to my mentors that taught me how to be the person I am today. 

Saying goodbye to the boy who supported me through everything and loved me unconditionally. 

Saying goodbye to my family. 

What I didn’t realize until the last month of my senior year was that the end doesn’t mean goodbye. It simply means, “See you later,” because the final thing I learned was if someone is meant to be in your life, they will be. 

I enjoyed the rest of my senior year with my friends and family. Doing everything I can to make the most out of my time left. 

I walked into this school with no friends, not knowing what was coming. Even though my first two years of high school were the worst, they still helped me learn who I am today. 

I walked into this high school as a shy teenager, and I’m leaving as the person I always wanted to be.