Senior Column: Genevieve Haartman


Genevieve Haartman, Writer / Entertainment Editor

I still remember the first time I walked through the doors of North for my first day of school. A lonely little sophomore with intense anxiety. I was scared and more alone than ever after moving away from everything I had ever known.
After my freshman year in highschool, I moved all the way from California to Wisconsin. My mom wanted to be closer to family but I would be leaving behind my two best friends and my dad. We moved in June of 2020, right at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Little did I know what this school would hold for me. Little me never could have imagined the ride I would have taken from my past 3 years here. From all of the highest highs and the deepest, darkest lows. I have made so many incredible memories, friends, and I’ve pushed myself way out of my comfort zone. Even farther than I ever knew I possibly could.
During my years here, I’ve managed to get myself involved in Student Council, The North Star, choir, musicals, and I was heavily involved in my ceramics class and considered doing an independent study. I loved every moment I spent on the wheel. My involvement is truly due to my friends who have pushed me to become a better version of who I once was. Thanks to my best friends and so many more incredible people. Each and everyone of those people pushed me to try something new. To reach above and beyond what I knew I could do for myself. Without them, I wouldn’t be so content with where I am in life. And without them, my life would be incredibly different and very dull.
Moving forward in my little life is going to be rough just due to having to move away from all of these incredible people and things that this little town has happily provided me. Next year I plan on attending UW-Stevens Point. However I’m undeclared on my major. I know I have plenty of time to get that sorted out before I really need to know. It’s still being thought of. I’m just hoping that Stevens Point can offer me the same generous amount of love and support that Oshkosh was able to give me. If I knew that would be guaranteed, I wouldn’t be so worried. Yet, I think that’s just a part of the adventure.
The slight fear and unknowns of the future, the unexpected adventures you never thought you would find yourself wound up in, that’s what makes life so interesting. And those kinds of memories give you the best stories to tell to your friends and future family.