Orange for ICWA Protection – Photo Gallery


Peng Heu, Sara Samples, and Sanai Pettis

Matthew Centner, Chief Editor

On May 10th, 2023, several Oshkosh North staff and students wore orange in order to spread awareness and show support for the Indian Child Welfare Act/ICWA. Check out this photo gallery of some of the participants that were willing to be photographed and/or upload selfies!

If you wanted to wear orange, but couldn’t find a single shade in your wardrobe, worry not – there are other things you can do to show your support for the ICWA. To spread the word about the ICWA’s potential reversal in June, you can sign the Stop Stealing Native Kids. Protect ICWA petition and/or the Protect the Indian Child Welfare Act petition, which is being hosted by the Lakota People’s Law Project Action Center. You can also sign up to the Native American Rights Fund newsletter for updates about the Brackeen v. Haaland case, share infographics, and do your best to uplift Indigenous American voices.