“The Record” by Boygenius Review

The Record by Boygenius Review

Lizzy Scharpf

On March 31st Boygenius released their first debut album. The highly anticipated release from the indie band left listeners with a combination of tears and smiles. 

Boygenius is composed of individually great musicians including Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, and while these artists are wonderful on their own, they become a supernova once united. 

The album starts off with a classic acapella harmony from the band as seen in their debut EP titled “Boygenius”. But it quickly leads into a stellar rock song “$20″ which kicks off the album in an electrifying way while Phoebe asks you for $20. This track will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next song. 

On a more mellow note, the following tracks offer the classic heartbreak we know the band for. With “Emily I’m sorry”, “True Blue”, and “Cool about it” give the listener a sense of yearning and are tragically beautiful which feel so true to the band as we know it while also having a deeper and richer tone. 

“Not strong enough” is another heavier banger from Boygenius. This album is stellar while also being soul crushing. The lyrics each have their own specific meaning to each artist but are so relatable it can feel like these songs were written for you personally. An example being “I’ll pretend being with you doesn’t feel like drowning”. This album offers songs that you can scream in your car and cry to in the shower. 

While most musicians choose to release music videos for just one song, Boygenius has enlisted the Twilight star, Kristen Stewart, to direct a short film encompassing the songs “True Blue”, “Emily I’m Sorry”, and “$20.”

Overall I rate this album a 5/5 stars. The melodies and harmonies were on point and it seems like this album is just what I needed to get through the ups and downs of Wisconsin weather. With this new album crushing the charts in the UK premiering at number one, I cannot wait for what the band chooses to do next.