Students share cultures on Multicultural Day

Sahar Karim, Journalist/Photographer

Oshkosh North held its annual Multicultural Day on Friday, March 17. Students presented a multitude of diverse cultures, providing them a chance to present their culture, food, and traditions with the school community. 

Multicultural Day is arranged by the ESOL department teachers. Because there are more ESOL students (over 100!) this year, there are a lot more students participating. In addition to the formal presentations, the entire student body was invited to participate in Multicultural Week dress up days from March 13 to March 17. 

On Friday, students from different cultural backgrounds dressed up culturally. A Swahili girl performed a song with a guitar representing her culture. There was a Hmong, African and Arabic dance performed by students. There were many presentations given by the students about their countries of origin like Palestine, Syria, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine etc. 

For lunch, many students and staff participated in a luncheon during which  they could sample all kinds of cultural food and desserts served during the two lunches.