Welcome to the Enchanted Jungle

Oshkosh North to bring Junior-Senior prom this Spring!


Genevieve Haartman, Writer

Oshkosh North will host its 2023 Prom on Saturday, April 29, from 8 – 11 pm, with Post Prom from 11 pm – 2 am, at the Culver Family Welcome Center. 

This year’s Prom theme is Enchanted Jungle. Typically, Prom organizers cycle through themes used in the past.

There are several main themes that we run through over the years.  I try to select one that has not been done recently and combine it with some of the standard decorations I already have,” Social Studies teacher and Prom adviser Laura Bergin says. 

Most students do not pay much attention to the theme as it typically only affects the decorations.

Senior Alexyiah Simpson says, “I don’t really think about the theme when I think about Prom. It doesn’t affect my dress choice.”

However, other students wish they had more of a say in the theme for their potentially last dance of high school.

 Senior Haleigh Cartwright says, “ I don’t like this year’s theme. We already had the jungle theme for homecoming last year. I wish we could vote for the theme.” 

 Tickets go for sale Monday, April 17, for $20, and Post Prom will be an additional $10. 

Only juniors and seniors can purchase tickets, but any high school any invited student can attend. Student ID’s and/or guest passes will be needed for purchasing tickets. Students must be in good standing to be able to purchase tickets and attend the dance. 

Prom is a formal event and requires appropriate dress attire. For anyone wearing a top and pants, this means a shirt, tie, and dress pants or a suit jacket, sweater, and dress pants. 

For anyone wearing a dress, no revealing dresses. For anyone who is unable to afford or find a prom dress, there will be a dress closet at North where students can get a dress for free. See Communities teacher Arian Bougie for more information.

Jeans and a t-shirt are unacceptable. Anyone who doesn’t follow dress code appropriately will be asked to leave the Prom without a refund. 

Some students expect some people to incorporate the theme into their Prom wardrobe. SeniorQuintin Fisher says he will not.

“I’ll leave that to John and Ella to wear animal print,” Fisher says.

Voting for Prom Royalty will take place at 9:30 pm the day of the dance, and the first 200 attendees of the dance will get the chance to vote for the final two individuals who will be named Prom Royalty. Similar to Homecoming, it will be genderless voting. 

Post Prom is immediately after Prom in the same building. Students cannot leave and return. In addition, only those who attended Prom canto be able to attend Post Prom, which runs until 1 am. There will be snacks and pizza at Post Prom as well as the planned activities and prizes. 

Senior Evan Knaggs stated that he is most likely going to Post Prom because he had to leave early last year.. 

“I’m excited. I went last year but I had to leave early because my friend fell asleep,” Knaggs says.

Upon arrival, students should park in the parking lot of the Culver Family Welcome Center. Please enter the lot off of Pearl Avenue. There are no fees and permits are not required. 

Doors open at 8 pm. Additionally there will be no coat check, please keep this in mind upon arrival. 

We hope to see you there at Prom!