How Does Oshkosh North Feel About Fridays Off?


Kaisten Feiter, Journalist

The 2022-2023 school year has had a lot of notable changes, but one of the largest shifts went from having a half day on Wednesday once a month to having one Friday off once a month. After a full semester of the change, staff and students mostly agree that this change has been for the better. 

Many teachers absolutely love the change. The majority of them say that it is really helpful and gives them a lot more time to do their work.


Leadership and business teacher Patrick Griffith says, “Every week should be a four day week. Students have a way better time and teachers get more stuff done.”


Other teachers expressed dislike for early release Wednesday. 


Melinda Anderson from the math department says, “It was kind of like a marathon on Wednesdays [when it was half days]. Kids looked forward to their afternoons off so the students were more rambunctious and teachers were less excited by the end of the day.” 


Although many teachers find this change great and refreshing, there are a few that don’t like the change at all. 


English teacher Jason Cummings expected to have more work time.


 “I don’t think it’s any better or worse. I somewhat expected a lot of teacher work time, but with meetings all morning, it’s hard to get a lot done with the little work time we have in the afternoon. It ends up being a really long day,” he says.


Overall, it seems most students love this change. Having an extra day also helps students to relax and destress from the busy school atmosphere. 


 “It is great having an extra day off. A three day weekend is amazing,” says freshman Aubrey Salisbury.


For some students, school is a safe place and being away from school is not fun and can be really depressing. 


Sophomore Alyssa Gilbert says, “I don’t like being away from school or being at home.” 


Student’s have also enjoyed being able to go on longer trips over the weekend to hanging out with friends. 


The decision to discontinue early release Wednesdays mainly stemmed from parents’ child care concerns, according to Kim Brown, the district’s Director of Learning.


“We heard from the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA that it was difficult to secure people for early release Wednesdays as it was not a consistent schedule for them to plan around for and thus, it had an impact on families,” she says. 


Brown also acknowledged that Friday professional development allows teachers to focus on the work rather than doing it after a long day working with students.


“It allows staff members to collaborate at a grade level/department level, building, and at a collegial collaboration time. When it was on Wednesdays, we had to alternate between district and building priorities and it left little time for outside collaboration.”


This change was brought to the board’s attention on January 26, 2022 and was approved on February 23, 2022. It was decided to be brought into effect during the following school year.