Top five things to do on a snow day


Lizzy Scharpf, Writer

During the two Digital Learning Days last week, most students found themselves in a tedious lull and stuck inside. Though the magic of snow days dwindles as we grow up, here are five fun activities to do with your family and friends to revive your childlike spirit. 

Go sledding

Grab your favorite sled or toboggan and brave the bitter winter by going to Garbage Hill, where you can work up an appetite by climbing up and down the steep slope. The most common sledding destination in Oshkosh offers a multitude of options ranging from a steep slope or a smaller decline.  

Make a snowman or snow angel

Although this is a common activity, it’s a classic for a reason. Braving the cold weather by diving into newly fallen snow offers a release of endorphins for everyone and brings the simple magic of winter to life. 

Cozy up with a good book or your favorite show

Sometimes even peeking outside can give me the shivers, so warming up with your favorite book, if you need new books to read, check out Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump. A book and  a cup of hot cocoa can comfort anyone with a cold exterior or a restless mood. 


With more time on your hands, this can be a good opportunity to slow down your day to day life and start to clean. Most students lack enough time to do schoolwork, extracurriculars, and then come home and clean. To utilize this extra time, try putting on a podcast or playlist and, starting with your room, sort your clutter into piles and organize one pile at a time.

Play board games with your family and friends 

Although being stuck inside might feel like you’re coming down with cabin fever, playing board games can lift your spirits and let your mind escape. Thinking of new strategies to win or trick your teammate can allow for the brain to relax and the day to whirl by. 

These ideas are sure to help with dreary and dry snow days. Sometimes, we need to be stuck inside to allow ourselves to relax from our typically busy and chaotic days. If you are planning to venture out during these storms while snow drifts pile up along the road, be sure to allow yourself 10-20 minutes to clear off your car–and drive safely!