Dance team places 8th at state tournament


Natalie Gray, Reporter

On Feb. 4, 2023, the Oshkosh North Dance Team finished 8th place out of 11 teams in the Division 1 state Hip Hop event at the La Crosse Center. 

This year marks a return to State; the Spartans last performed there two years ago. The school held a sendoff for the team in the auditorium during Excel time. 

The girls headed to state with a positive mindset.

“I can’t believe we made it to state, especially with this being my first year. I’m very excited to be here and a part of the dance team,” says freshman Kendra Gualke.

In addition, the team has bonded over the season, which helped them earn the return trip to State.

Freshman Keirah Palmquist says, “I am so proud of my teammates. I know we’ll do well at State. I’m going to miss when after-school practices come to an end.”

Senior Brynn McCartney enjoyed the trip to State for more than just the competition.

“My favorite thing at State was dip’n’dots because who can do anything without them? For real, though, we have done really well starting out with only seven dancers but in the end we bounced back and made new friends and developed a new family,” McCartney says. 

She also felt that the experience was amazing.  

State was so exciting. Being able to see all of the top teams in Wisconsin and being able to be a part of one of the best dance teams in Wisconsin is an extremely validating title. 8th best in the state for D1 Hiphop is an amazing accomplishment, and it was exciting to be able to live out what we worked for,” McCartney says.

As State has come to an end and the thrill of dance is ending, some of the senior dancers have a couple last words.

Senior Kaylee Schlenske says, “State went super well and even though the dance team started out with a goofy start, it went well. It was exciting to see the best teams of Wisconsin and to have made it there as a team.”

Senior Aliah Moua says, “State was fun. I liked being able to bond and make memories with the team. It is my last year on the team, and it was a good way to end it. We placed better than we thought we would, and it was just absolutely amazing.”

Senior Allison Salzsieder says, “I loved hanging out with the team and watching all the other amazing dance teams. It was definitely a challenging season, but in the end all of our hard work was very rewarding.”

The Spartans went to State, and they came back with an 8th place finish, a free trip to La Crosse, and team memories that will last a lifetime.