Fall ’22 Blood Drive


Genevieve Haartman, Entertainment Editor

With the giving season quickly approaching, most people will think of giving gifts or money. However, another option exists.

Oshkosh North’s biannual blood drive will take place on Friday, Dec. 2, in the west parking lot. 

The blood drive is run by Leadership 1 students with the help of leadership teacher Patrick Griffith. Interested students can still sign up to donate by speaking with a student organizer, scanning the QR code on the flyers around the building, or stopping in room 103 to speak with Griffith.

There are some requirements to donate blood. Donors must be at least 16 years old. If a donor is 16, they will need a parent signed permission slip. If a donor is 17 or 18, they will not need a permission slip. If anyone was unable to register before the day of the blood drive, they can register by the door 7 entrance on the day of the blood drive. 

Often, donating blood makes people nervous, especially the first time. Knowing it goes to a good cause can help alleviate the worry. One pint of blood, which is the amount per individual donation, can help people in your community who need blood. One donation of blood can save three people’s lives. Donating is a selfless act that helps local hospitals and helps many people.

Additionally, once a donor is done, there will be snacks provided to help get everyone back on track. A variety of items from local Oshkosh businesses will be provided such as pizza, subs, cookies, root beer, and more.

Last year during the fall/winter blood drive, 66 students and staff donated to the cause. 

Let’s help our community start the holiday season by bringing good cheer and setting a new standard to the season of giving.