Great holiday gift ideas for under $20


Matthew Centner, Chief Editor

Whether you’re on a budget or doing some Secret Santa shopping, knowing what gifts to buy for Christmas doesn’t always come easily – but after reading this guide, you should be able to X out of the tab with some good ideas in mind. Listed below are eight simple and affordable, but much appreciated, Christmas gifts. 


#1 – Socks 

No matter if they’re fuzzy, printed, long, short, or cushioned with grippy pads, socks are a simple but great gift for any age. Socks are important to have, but also very easy to lose track of, so the more you own, the better off you are. You can find them on Amazon starting at $8.

#2 – Blankets

With winter around the corner, it’s more important than ever to stay warm, and how can you do that better than with a blanket? You can personalize the blanket and make it special for your gift recipient by buying a blanket of one of their favorite color combinations or cartoon characters.

#3 – Candy

Regardless of the season, chocolate is a gift that nearly everyone loves – you can’t go wrong with it. Or if you feel like getting a more peppermint-y treat, the winter season is a perfect time to buy some. You can buy candy nearly anywhere, but you will find top-quality treats in places that specialize in them, such as chocolate shoppes.

#4 – Gift cards

Buying a gift card for your recipient’s favorite restaurant or shopping outlet is always a safe bet; it’s essentially giving them free money to spend on the things they want the most. 

#5 – Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are similar to gift cards, only you can use the card anywhere, not just at one specific location. These cards make for great gifts if the person you’re shopping for isn’t someone you know very well, or if you know they like to do a lot of spending. If you’re interested in buying a prepaid card for Christmas, I highly recommend .

#6 – Wireless speaker, earbuds, or headphones

These devices are perfect for listening to music while doing work and your hobbies, especially because they don’t have a wire that you can trip over. 

#7 – Candles

If you know what sorts of scents, foods, or seasons your gift recipient enjoys, a candle of one of those things can make a great gift, especially if your recipient is known to be stressed out frequently. Candles are scientifically proven to be soothing, healing, and beneficial to mental health.

#8 – Homemade items

While pre-made gifts are excellent, another way to show you care for someone is to make something special for them from the heart. If you’re creative or crafty, creating gifts for others is a sincere and inexpensive way to show others that you care, whether you handcraft some jewelry for them or a song. Some ideas for homemade gifts are bracelets, necklaces, drawings, paintings, pottery, plushies and photo albums, though there are countless other ideas you can come up with. Whatever you decide on, there’s no doubt the receiver will love it.