Don’t Worry Darling Review


Lizzy Scharpf

Director Olivia Wilde’s newest movie “Don’t Worry Darling” has been one of the most anticipated releases of the year. With a star studded cast including Chris Pine, Florence Pugh, Gemma Chan, Harry Styles and Nick Kroll, this movie lived up to the high expectations.

The movie started with a pretty confusing sequence.  With many unanswered questions only a quarter of the way in, the movie seemed rushed and unfinished.  

In the film, Alice (Florence Pugh) is married to Jack Chambers (Harry Styles). They live in a small community near where all the husbands work. There have very out-dated marriage roles. Jack goes to work, Alice cleans the whole house before he gets home and then cooks dinner. All of the husbands in this community work at the Victory Project run by Frank (Chris Pine). Jack never explains what the project is, or where he goes for work. No one is allowed to know due to it being a classified project.

As the movie progresses, everything is connected. Is everything really as it seems? Why is the Victory project such a secret?  Florence Pugh does a great job at taking the audience through her emotions. The film evokes her anger, growing frustration, and her overall betrayal as it happens. 

This is one of the most entertaining movies this past year, with many twists and turns. As the end of the movie is just around the corner, it starts to grow intense. Now Alice’s life is at risk. The tension begins to build, causing viewers to sit at the edge of their seat. 

The cinematography is wonderful, with the long pans of the desert there is a sense of abandonment . The desert, the houses, even the costumes and the hair are matched perfectly. 

Almost lost in the set, the cast and the thrill of the movie, something takes a turn. The music becomes more ominous and the feeling of suspense begins. 

With all of this adrenaline starting to form, it keeps viewers glued to the screen.  Too soon it seems the credits start to roll, leaving a feeling of lack of closure. Was that really the ending? Is there something missing? These questions never get answered but it makes you think.

 I really enjoyed Don’t Worry Darling. The cinematography was beautiful, with bright costumes and a great set you feel transported to another time period. Although the ending lacked what I really wanted, I think it’s a great movie and I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Especially for fans of Florence Pugh.