What the Heck?! Who’s Mr. Mazurczak???


Lexy Simpson, Writer

Students that have study hall in the cafeteria will not be seeing the familiar face of Robert Whittaker this school year, who retired last spring. 

In his place, Nick Mazurczak will begin his first year as the study hall advisor at Oshkosh North. 

After graduating from high school in Wauwatosa, Mazurczak went on to further his education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as an elementary education major. Mazurczak had never experienced being in a public high school, considering he went to private school for his k-12 career in Wauwatosa. 

“I loved middle schoolers and elementary schoolers, but I wanted to test out the high school setting,” Mazurczak says.

Besides working at Oshkosh North, he is a football coach at UW-Oshkosh, so he knows a lot about motivating people on and off the field. He liked the option to stay close to UWO for football, and also liked the leadership structure in .

“I was looking around at other schools and felt administration was well backed”

Growing up, he played football and even had a coach in his family.

“My father coached high school football for 30 years. He was my head coach, and I knew ever since high school that I wanted to coach and be at a school. But I had no idea what my plan was,” says Mazurczak.

Focusing on school work is something that has stayed a constant in Mazurczak’s life. Being an athlete himself, he knows they have to stay on top of grades or they won’t be able to play— instead, look forward to riding the bench.

Mazurczak hopes to impact the lives of students in the same way his father did to many student athletes. 

“I’d like to impact the lives of students in a more meaningful way so that they can feel more comfortable with me. I also want to see every student succeed. For seniors— I want to make it my goal to help them not get senioritis,” Mazurczak said.

In Mazurczak’s mind, he believes his role as the study hall supervisor is to push students to the best of their abilities. 

“I believe that every student at Oshkosh North belongs. I want to be flexible with them and push them to be the best versions of themselves inside and outside of school,” Mazurczak says.

Outside of school, Mazurczak spends his time recruiting and continues to learn more about football and prepare for the next season. In the summer he spends one week away in Florida with his grandparents. 

“ It’s basically a week of golf and swimming,” Mazurczak says.

Oshkosh North, please welcome Mr. Nicholas Mazurczak to our school.