Sparty looks to get a makeover


Oshkosh North’s mascot, Sparty, makes a heart with soon-to-be-retired study hall supervisor Robert Whitaker.

Communities at Oshkosh North, Guest contributor

The Communities Program at Oshkosh North High School has just recently raised over $3,800 dollars towards improving the school spirit and morale of their school.

For the past three months, the 11th graders in Communities II have been working on their junior projects; one group in particular has taken on the challenge of giving Oshkosh North’s beloved Sparty mascot a new makeover. The 11th and 12th graders hosted a staff Chili Cook-Off on March 15th, which raised around $850 dollars for the reconstruction of the Sparty mascot. Thegroup has also received solicited donations from local programs within the Oshkosh North community.

Logan Frank, Sam Angle, Hunter Carlson, and John Klinger partnered with the athletic department at Oshkosh North to revitalize the mascot and its brand. The students were able tocollect around $3,800 through programs such as the Youth Wrestling Club, Oshkosh Eagles,Oshkosh North Youth Baseball, and Oshkosh North Booster Club. If your business or organization is interested in donating to the cause, please contact Susie Leib at [email protected]

The team also launched new social media outlets for their mascot. Their goal with these social media outlets is to help inform the North community of upcoming events. Their social media presence has grown tremendously in its first 2 months. If you want to stay informed, follow Sparty_ONHS on Twitter and Instagram.