All About Gaspar


Ruby Snow, Writer

What would you think of someone who, if they could eat dinner with anyone, wanted it to be with the Troy-to-Ted Bundy-portraying Zac Efron and the late-but-great Betty White? Well, not only is this person walking in the halls at North, but she’s teaching Spanish to students in the classroom. 

Her name is Elizabeth Gaspar, or as students know her, Ms. Gaspar. 

After graduating from UWO, where she majored in Spanish and minored in English as a Second Language (ESL), she became a teacher at North due to a staff shortage. 

“I went straight from college to teaching,” Gaspar says, as she now instructs Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 without prior teaching experience. “It was definitely more stressful at first . . . [but] I learned how to put my foot down.”

She claims that she knew what she wanted to do when she was a sophomore in high school in Milwaukee.

“I liked Spanish,” she says, “and I was good at it. . . and I always knew I wanted to do something with Spanish—something that would help the community.”

By filling the role of a much-needed Spanish teacher at North, Gaspar has been able to not only meet many students but has also reached her goal of doing something that would help the community. Through taking on this position, she has eased the minds of staff members hoping for another instructor, and students hoping to further their Spanish-speaking skills. But, Spanish-speaking skills are not all that Ms. Gaspar hopes her students retain from her class. 

“I want them to have knowledge of other cultures . . . to like coming to school . . . to be able to be comfortable in class and in school . . . and not afraid to be themselves.” 

Gaspar not only cares for her student’s ability to retain knowledge, but also for their well-being. 

Ultimately thrust into her first year of teaching, it is true that Ms. Gaspar has learned many things as well about her new school environment. 

“I have learned that every class is different, so not everything always goes according to plan,” she said.

At North, and at any school, this certainly holds true. Throughout the day, teachers deal with several different types of students and can be thrown into unexpected situations constantly. 

“I learned sometimes they don’t need Spanish– sometimes they need other things,” Gaspar says. 

In every school, teachers who are understanding of this are needed. You are never aware of what other people are going through, and it is crucial that teachers are willing to put more effort into getting to know their students. Besides that, to answer the single, burning question you must have… 

What are the three things Ms. Gaspar wants to do before she dies? 

Own a dog.


Learn French.