Student Athlete Spotlight: Mallory Ott


Jeramiah Housworth Jr, Sports Writer


Many people work 9-5 and don’t take their work home with them. They put in only what’s required of them.

That’s not the case for junior Mallory Ott. By putting in work around the clock and outside of the typical season, Ott has become a leader for the girls basketball team on and off the court. 

Ott has participated in basketball all three years of high school so are, earning a starting spot during her freshman season. Last year Ott scored a combined 180 points with a high of 22 points, along with a .590 free throw percentage and 166 rebounds.

Ott views success on the court and off the court similarly.

“I view success on the court as not always winning but becoming the best version of myself and the best version of the team. I also see success on the court during practice when improving the skills needed to play and team skills,” says Ott

To stay poised and in shape during the off season, Ott plays for the AAU team “Wisconsin Legends” out of De Pere. 

“This helps me develop my skills even further, I truly love AAU and getting to play with students from other schools and parts of the State,” says Ott.

Ott also participates in open gyms, after school workouts and team bonding to stay in touch with everyone on the highschool team.

Ott has played in many memorable games such as being called on to play in her freshman season during the playoffs where they won their first game against Manitowoc Lincoln.

“I loved playing athe AAU Chicago Nike tournament because of the atmosphere and all of the team’s’” says Ott

Ott’s AAU team was also very successful during that tournament. 

Like many athletes, Ott ties her success to a specific type of shoe. She only wears Nike and uses high ankle support basketball shoes such as the Nike Zooms she is rockin this year.

Many people have influenced Ott over the years from coaches to players. However, she credits her father for pushing her to be her best.

“He never let’s good enough be enough. I like that,” says Ott.

Ott also takes a ton of coaching from Dan, her AAU coach who has been coaching her for the past few seasons.

“He not only makes me a better player, but a better person,” says Ott.

Off the court, Ott has focused on improving herself and her ability to help others. Being a model student is not just good grades; it’s also being a leader in the classroom to others around you.

¨My success off the court usually revolves around personal development and always taking the next step forward,” says Ott.

Ott hopes to play College basketball somewhere after graduating. She would also like to pursue a career in athletics.

“I would like to study sports medicine and sports in general in college,” says Ott.

Ott already takes classes geared toward helping others with sports by taking adaptive physical education, where she gets to work with adaptive learning students and help them enjoy gym class just as we do. 

 “I love getting to work with them. I feel like a leader and role model for them,” says Ott.

On the court, Ott hopes to see the fruits of her labor by improving herself and her team. At 2-4, the Spartans have already won more games than many North girls basketball teams in the past. If more wins come, they will provide opportunities for Ott and the team to get Chick-Fil-A after each win.

“I loved getting Chick-FIl-A with my friends after a good game,” says Ott.

It’s a tradition they hope to participate in often.