Blood collected at the Oshkosh North Drive enough to save the lives of 198 people


Konrad Bowlus

The Oshkosh North Blood Drive on Friday, Dec. 3, collected 66 units of blood, which is enough blood to save the lives of 198 people. 

The Blood Drive was led by Leadership teacher Patrick Griffith. However, it was also the work of his students that made the Blood Drive successful. 

There were 2 main student organizers, juniors Puhoa Thao and Morgan Wilson. 

“Hospitals are always seeking blood from donators, which made me really want to get into the Blood Drive. Just helping kids that need to have blood transfusions and just volunteering is fun,” Thao says. 

Wilson echoed a similar sentiment.

“I really like being involved and like, helping people. And the Blood Drive is a good cause. It helps a lot of people, so I felt that it’s just a good way to connect with the school and get a lot of people involved and helping,” Wilson says. 

There were many other students who participated in the Blood Drive. Some organized and some gave. Some, like seniors John Holdren and Clayton Cross, did both. 

Holdren, a first time blood donor, says, “I thought [organizing] was a great thing, for helping the community.”

Cross was also very excited to help. 

“Just knowing that I can save 3 lives, and it’s always an opportunity to help other people,” Cross says. 

While this Blood Drive draws to a close, people will still get a chance to give, as leadership plans for a second Blood Drive in the spring.