Ashley Borowitz Signs National Letter of Intent


Jeramiah Housworth Jr, Sports Writer

Senior softball pitcher Ashley Borowitz signed her national letter of intent to play for the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) Monday, Nov. 15th. 

After playing in a tournament in Tennessee at the end of July, Borowitz accepted an invitation to tour the UMSL Campus. She instantly knew she wanted to continue her career there.

“When I stepped onto the campus, it felt like home. The campus was very inviting,” says Borowitz, who plans to study nursing while also playing softball. UMSL has a state of the art nursing facility and also provides opportunities for working and training in the nearby hospital.

Borowitz currently plays for the travel softball team Bats Fastpitch. When she doesn’t play for club or school, Borowitz stays in shape and busy with an arm care program through the sports training center Velocity, where she pitches on Mondays and does arm care on Tuesdays. She also pitches at Oshkosh North on Thursdays. 

“I am doing whatever I can to be prepared for the season right now,” says Borowitz. “I want to use the information from last season to prepare for at bats this season.”

One of the goals Borowitz has for the team this season is to minimize errors and come together as one team.During the 2021 season Borowitz had a 2.67 era, 218 strikeouts, 33 walks over 128 ⅓ innings. The team had a 6 wins and 15 loss record last year. 

“We have a young team, and we are experienced in key positions. A lot of the girls dedicated their summer to the weight room. I think that will make us a tough team,” says varsity head coach and English teacher Keith Koslowski. 

Borowitz’s individual success has not surprised her coach.

“Ashley is a great leader academically, and on the field. She is honest, upfront, and genuine. And she has a passion for competition,” says Keith Koslowski, English teacher and varsity head coach.

While she’ll be leaving the Fox Valley and many of her teammates and coaches, she feels confident in her decision to play in another state. The University of Missouri-St.Louis is located 448 miles from Oshkosh Wisconsin.

“I think one of the reasons I’m not worried about being almost 7 hours from home is because I will be so busy and it will keep my mind off things. I can also reach my family online whenever I want to,” says Borowitz.

Like others before her, Borowitz has left her mark on Oshkosh North athletics. 

“I am Blessed to have the opportunity to coach and associate with a player, with the character and ability that Ashley has,” says Koslowski.

The North Star wishes her luck in her endeavors at the University of Missouri-St.Louis.