Speidel moves from classroom to dean


Mia Salbego

World Cultures and AP World History teacher Robin Speidel will be leaving her current position to join LeeAnn Gauthier as an additional dean at North, starting Monday, Nov. 8. 

An additional dean position became available through the Coronavirus Aid Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund), in order to “address the ongoing needs that  we are seeing as a result of the pandemic and the challenges that our students faced with virtual and hybrid learning models” according to a Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) statement. 

 “[Teens] just have a whole different level of not having a foundation underneath them to know what to expect,” says Speidel regarding how the pandemic has impacted high school students. 

The OASD defines the dean of student’s goal as follows: “To help students resolve non-academic situations that may interfere with obtaining the greatest benefit from school programs, services, and offerings.”

Besides having an administrative license, Spiedel has experience outside and inside of school in a similar role. 

“Actually, I was in law enforcement before I was in education,” says Speidel. “It was kind of a natural fit.”

In fact, Spiedel held a dean position in Fond du Lac after teaching there for a year and a half. 

“I started here, five years ago, because I wanted to go back to the classroom for a little bit, just to learn a little more about how to be a better teacher so that I could be a better dean.”

Speidel’s office will be on the second floor in the World Language office. While she looks forward to returning to an office position, she will miss spending time with her students in the classroom. 

“That’s what I’ll miss most. Mrs. Bauder and my students and like, my own room where we can just sit and talk,” Speidel says. 

Speidel’s students, current and past, will miss having her in the classroom setting just as much as she’ll miss them— although she will finish out the semester with her AP World History students. 

“She made learning fun and relaxing for everyone in the classroom. She always found a way to make it personable and get everyone involved,” says senior Avery Doemel. 

Some might remember Speidel from the comfort that could be found in her cozy classroom. 

“She’s so nice—and she always gave us donuts,” says sophomore Mary Dorschner. 

Her kind demeanor isn’t the only thing that stands out about her teaching style though, and many students believe that her attributes will make her a great dean. 

“She fits the position perfectly. She handles herself well and explains how to fix behavior rather than calling students out in front of the class. She doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself,” says sophomore Aaliyah Mosman, another previous student of Speidel’s. 

While she will no longer work in the classroom, Speidel will undoubtedly continue to build solid relationships with the students of Oshkosh North.