Top 10 movies for Halloween 2021


Lily McKeefry and Kierstyn Beck

In honor of spooky season, here are our top 10 picks for Halloween movies. Celebrate October with hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, and Halloween horror, thriller, and comedy films.


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This 2016 slasher thriller is about Maddie, a deaf writer who has to fight for her life against a masked killer. If you like movies that always keep you on the edge of your seat, preparing for what comes next, then this is the perfect film for you. 

2-Would You Rather

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Would you risk your life for money? In this psychological thriller, it follows a young woman that attends a dinner party, where she plays a deadly game of Would You Rather in order to get money for her younger brother who’s fighting leukemia. 

3- Ghostbusters

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A classic that needs no introduction: Ghostbusters. For the 1% of the population that haven’t watched it, the movie’s about a group of outcast scientists who put their supernatural theories to the test by becoming full-time “Ghostbusters.” If horror doesn’t appeal to you this Halloween, this comedy is perfect for you.

4-IT (2017)

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If you’re a person afraid of clowns, and are looking to face your fears this Halloween season, this movie adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 book “IT,” is about Pennywise, a shape-shifting clown that terrorizes the children of Derry, Maine. 

5- The Shining

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Jack and Wendy Torrance become the caretakers of the Overlook Hotel for the winter, but despite having the entire lodge to themselves, Wendy finds herself wanting to return home after her husband starts acting stranger than usual. Will she risk staying, or will she attempt to escape?


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A recently deceased couple try to scare the new inhabitants out of their home, but when their hauntings prove unsuccessful, they captivate the interest of a prankish spirit, Beetlejuice. He’s willing to help, but his actions could jeopardize themselves, and the house they’re trying to protect. 

7- The Saw franchise 

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The Saw Films are one of the most popular series in the horror genre. These films feature Jigsaw, a killer that tortures victims, who he deems as guilty and unappreciative of their life. This is a franchise that is guaranteed to make your skin crawl. 

8-The Haunted House

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When Buster Keaton takes refuge inside an abandoned house, rumored to be haunted, he’s greeted by ghosts, walking skeletons, and living furniture. Even if a gang of robbers awaits him outside, he weighs the risk and attempts to escape. If you want to indulge in the kinds of movies your grandma’s grandma watched, The Haunted House is the silent film for you. 


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When Laine uses an ouija board to cope with her best friend’s sudden death, she accidentally contacts a sinister spirit that won’t leave her or her friends alone.

10-Wait Until Dark

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A group of thugs break into Susy Hendricks apartment in search for hidden drugs. The three pretend to be old friends and attempt to convince Hendricks to give up the drugs in order to save her husband, and because of her blindness, she has to choose whether to trust them.

Which movie are you looking forward to seeing the most?


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