Getting tested for COVID-19 at UW-Oshkosh takes mere minutes

November 27, 2020

As Wisconsin counties continue to have high numbers of COVID-19 cases, the federal government has set up free, temporary rapid antigen testing sites at University of Wisconsin System campuses available to any Wisconsin resident. This includes our very own UW-Oshkosh.

Previously, many Wisconsin counties had only one option of testing with an average of over one hour of waiting time. Results became available after 3 to 5 days. University of Wisconsin System testing is more accessible and will give results within 15-25 minutes of being tested.

This week, I took a COVID-19 test at the University of Oshkosh Campus at the Culver Family Welcome Center. If your thanksgiving plans included seeing family members or going out for black friday deals, it is recommended that you do the same to avoid increased spread of the virus. 

The process of testing is very simple.

Scheduling a Test

The process of scheduling a COVID-19 test took only ten minutes. To register for my test, I first went to from my web browser and clicked register, which prompted me to create an account by entering my information and creating a username and password.  I was led to a page that gave more information regarding a COVID-19 test. To register, you simply need to enter your residency information.

To schedule my appointment, I clicked “Start Assessment” on the far left of the page where I filled in information confirming my account and determining if I showed symptoms. The testing site allows testing even if a person shows no symptoms.I selected my testing center (the Oshkosh testing location open to all community members is the Culver Family Welcome Center) and then was able to select a ten-minute time slot.

The final step before attending the test location was to print out my test voucher to present at the time of my test. If you do not have the ability to print, there is an option to receive your test voucher after arriving at the testing center as long as you have scheduled your appointment beforehand. However, I saw others showing the email confirmation on their phones. 

Taking a Test

At the time of my appointment, I arrived at the Culver Family Welcome Center and entered the main door, door 1. Signs with arrows directed me through the building and, once in the room where testing takes place, I presented my test voucher and was greeted by workers who explained to me the process of being tested. Even though I entered a place where other people may have in fact been positive, the high ceilings and overall separation of entrants reassured me. All of the workers stood behind plastic dividers, and I did not have to touch anything until I received my testing packet.

The rapid antigen test is a nasal swab that you do yourself. Another employee helped me through the quick and painless process. I inserted the nasal swab until I felt resistance. Then, I turned it 5 times in each nostril. 

I was in and out of the testing site within only ten minutes.

Getting Results

20 minutes after returning home, I received an email informing me that contained a link stating my results were ready. 

I was relieved to discover that I had tested negative for COVID-19.

If you test positive for the virus, there is an option to anonymously inform your recent close contacts through a website called by choosing to send an email or text message.

The testing process is very simple and clear from start to finish. Scheduling your appointment and getting tested will take only ten minutes each. 

Taking the time to be tested for COVID-19 could help to keep those around you safe and slow down the spread this holiday season.

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