COVID-19 has forced students to work on school at home with or without parent help. (US Army)
COVID-19 has forced students to work on school at home with or without parent help.

US Army

Quarantine’s positive and negative effects on students: An Overview

April 29, 2020

COVID-19 has had an incalculable impact on people’s lives all around the world. As soon as #SaferAtHome took place, we started living in what seemed like a pandemic movie. Although COVID-19 has affected many, students have experienced unique challenges. Some have even been impacted in a positive way. 

“Schoolwork is easier and doesn’t take as much time as a normal school day does,” said sophomore Ashley Ruby.

For the student who believes school work is easier and takes less time, they can be impacted in a very positive way. School can be a stress-triggering place for many. While having school at home, they won’t stress as much which can lead to them being able to focus and learn better. With the school work being easier, it can lead to students’ grades being brought up, and with the work taking less time, it can bring motivation to continue doing it. 

Some students haven’t felt as lucky during this time. COVID-19 stay at home has brought on a positive impact to people but has also brought on a negative effect as well. 

“It’s hard to find the motivation to do work, and direction for classes can get pretty confusing sometimes without the teacher being there to help explain things. I’ve never gotten anything lower than a B until this stay at home thing happened,” said junior Antonio Cervantes.

Being home all day has caused a lot of students to sleep a lot, stay in bed all day, break all of the structure school provided, feel fatigued, and even be lazy. There is not much around to motivate you to do your work, especially if a student’s parents work outside of the home still. Some people may have their parents to push them to do your work, but many do not. Even though the work may not take as long, it can lead to students pushing it off and procrastinating due to the fact it won’t take long and they can do it later. 

After procrastinating for so long the work begins to pile which can lead to grades dropping.  Other students may just have a different way of learning. They may need things worded differently to understand better, and they also may just need the teachers’ help more often. All of this can lead to confusion of assignments and cause grades to drop as well for some students. 

Lack of access to WiFi can also cause a big issue in the at-home learning for some students. School is a safe place for students, so being at home may cause them a lot of stress and have an effect on their school work as well.

Students are able to email and set up a conference with their teachers if they have questions, but many students may feel embarrassed or even unmotivated to do this. They also have to take into consideration the time it takes for the teachers to respond. If they start their homework later at night and email the teacher for help, the teacher may not respond until the next day. 

Every student is being impacted differently. Everyone is struggling during this time, and hopefully understanding and realizing that can bring some relief. 

COVID-19 has torn people apart but also has brought many together. 

People are begging for their “normal day” back. COVID-19 has helped us realize just how much we take for granted. On what we would consider a “normal day” before this pandemic hit, students were wishing they didn’t have to wake up every morning and go to school, but now they are wishing for the day they can wake up and go to school again. 

#SaferAtHome took place to help us become closer to having our “normal day” back. Working together and helping each other out, we can beat COVID-19 and be able to wake up and go to school again, go out to eat with our friends, sit down in a restaurant and have a date night, work without having to come home anxious about all the people you were around and the things you were touching, we will be able to go out without feeling claustrophobic in our masks, we can take walks and bike rides without having to worry about crossing to the other side of the street when we see someone. 

There will be no more dry, achy, and bleeding hands because we have to use so much hand sanitizer in a day, and there will be no more fights over who gets the last roll of toilet paper or container of Lysol wipes. 

Together we can get our “normal” back.

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Quarantine’s positive and negative effects on students: An Overview