North celebrates Big City Homecoming

October 15, 2019

As the seasons change from summer to fall, cold weather and Homecoming begin. The week of Oct. 14 through 19 Oshkosh North will hold its annual Homecoming activities. 

This year’s theme for the dance will be Big City Nights, which emphasizes a New York state of mind. Although the dance isn’t until Oct. 19, the week of festivities begins Monday, Oct. 14th to kick off the spirit week.

Here are this year’s dress-up days:

Monday: Comfy Day

Tuesday: USA Day

Wednesday: Wisconsin Day

Thursday:  Jersey Day

Friday: Class Colors 

Freshmen: White

Sophomores: Yellow 

Juniors: Green

Seniors: Black

This year, students have a chance to get rewarded for dressing up. Students have the opportunity to win $20 each day by taking a picture in front of the Verve photo spot by the LRB and post it on social media with the hashtag #hoco19. 

Sports are also a big part of homecoming week. On Friday, Oct. 18 during an all-school lunch, junior and senior girls will compete in the annual Powder Puff football game. The game will be held on the field across Smith Ave. Friday evening will be the homecoming football game against Oshkosh West at Titan Stadium. The game begins at 7 pm. During halftime, each class’s homecoming court representatives are recognized on the field.

The dance will take place on Saturday, Oct. 19 at Oshkosh North High School in the fieldhouse. Door one will open up at 8 pm where students will enter with their ticket and student ID needed to get in. The music and dancing will go until 11 pm. 

As for the dress code, no revealing dresses are permitted, which includes no belly, butt or breasts. Jeans will not be permitted either. 

To get into Homecoming, students need to purchase a $15 ticket. Tickets are sold during Homecoming week at lunch. Students will need their student ID and to be in good standing to buy a ticket. Good Standing includes no unserved detentions, no fees/fines, no suspensions of any kind, no more than 5 unexcused absences, and no truancy. Students can also purchase tickets at the door for $20 the night of the dance as long as you’re in good standings.

 If a student wants to bring a guest who does not attend North, he or she must get a guest pass from Ms.Ganzer. Students are allowed to bring only one guest, no more than that. If a student’s guest is out of high school, the guest can only be a first-year college student AND no more than 19 years old. The guest pass must be filled out by the student and guest. The student must fill out their portion of the pass and give it to their guest. The guest must fill out their portion and once it’s completed, they give it to their school to confirm that the student is in good standings. Once the guest’s school fills it out, they must fax it over to Oshkosh North. Once Oshkosh North receives the pass, they have to approve it. If the pass is approved, the North student will be notified. 

Next, in order to enter the dance, the guest must bring their ID. They will not be admitted if they do not bring an ID. 

Homecoming represents a time for all North students, past and present, to come together to celebrate being a Spartan. With a little participation and a good attitude, we can all make North a warmer place.

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