Homecoming dinner on a budget

September 27, 2019

Homecoming is just around the corner, and it is time to start planning. 

After asking a date—or not—typically high school students form small- to medium-sized groups to increase the fun and lower the awkwardness of a date. Once the group assembles, they will make one of the hardest Homecoming choices: where to go for dinner. Oshkosh and the surrounding area provide a wide variety of food, and having a helpful go-to list can help make the decision. The following restaurants provide a starting point to make a decision based on budget, a key factor especially with jobless high school students. 


Fun and Affordable

Johnny Rockets

  • Located by the outlet mall
  • Hamburgers, chicken tenders, milkshakes
  • Reservation not needed
  • $7-$12 range per plate
  • 1950’s diner theme


Red Robin 

  • Serves a variety of burgers, wraps, and salads
  • Do not take reservations but do allow call ahead for groups above 4
  • $8-$12 range per plate
  • Know for their unique cheeseburgers


Buffalo Wild Wings 

  • Sports bar theme
  • $10-$15 per plate range 
  • Known for their wings 
  • No reservation needed


Midrange meals

Ground Round

  • Waterside views
  • $10-$15 per plate
  • Known for their burgers
  • Reservations recommended


Fox River Brewing Company

  • Waterside views
  • $10-$20 range per plate 
  • Reservations recommended
  • Placemats with crayons 
  • Known for their captain crunch chicken tenders and white chicken chili


Dockside Tavern

  • Waterside views
  • $10-$20 range per plate
  • Reservation Recommended 
  • Known for their bam bam shrimp, fish tacos, and other burgers and wraps. 


All-out Entrees


  • Waterside views
  • Known for healthier and unique options
  • $10-$25 range per plate 
  • Reservations recommended



  • Downtown atmosphere
  • Known for having international plates
  • $12-$30 range per plate
  • Takes reservations for 6 or more


The Roxy

  • Downtown atmosphere
  • Has all types of food
  • $10-$25 range per plate
  • Takes reservations


Olive Garden

  • Known for pasta dishes
  • $10-15 range per plate
  • Reservations recommended 


Fin ‘N Feather

  • Waterside views
  • $12-$25 range per plate
  • Know for having burgers, wraps, and other sandwiches
  • Reservations recommended


TJ’s Harbor Restaurant 

  • Waterside views
  • $10-$25 range per plate
  • Known for fish and steak entrees
  • Reservations Recommended


No matter your budget or preferred atmosphere, Oshkosh can provide the perfect place for your homecoming dinner. 


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