Student teacher to teacher: Ms. McCarty


Leisha Chopra and Sydney Geffers, Writers

North keeps getting better and better with every new teacher that joins our family. Meet one of our new English teachers, Mrs. Ali McCarty! 

McCarty grew up in Oshkosh and went to Lourdes Academy. As a student, McCarty was very involved with school. She enjoyed participating in school events and clubs. Although she was a very hardworking and studious student, she also liked to have fun at school,

“I was very chatty in classes. I also liked to encourage my teachers to watch movies instead of doing a lesson plan.”

McCarty teaches English 1 Honors and English 3. Her teaching style is quite interactive and unique. By integrating mini-lessons and group work, McCarty’s style of teaching revolves around workshops and collaborative work. She likes to create a relaxing environment for her students by minimizing lecturing and having students move around more. With this, she hopes to meet where her students are at and help them get to where they should be. McCarty has a true passion for teaching.

McCarty hadn’t considered teaching when she first started college at UW-Madison. She wanted to pursue a business degree and get a job in business.

“When I was in business, I didn’t like that I wasn’t helping anybody. I wanted a job where I could be helping people,” McCarty said.

When McCarty came to this realization, she decided teaching would be the perfect job. Working for in the business world, she would stare at the clock all day waiting to go home. However, that has changed since she began teaching.

“I never look at the clock when I’m here. The days go by so fast.”

McCarty chose to work here due to the energy of Oshkosh North’s environment. She fell in love with the diversity of the school, and the multicultural day really stood out for her and she was sold. 

Outside of school, McCarty loves to hike. Her few favorite places to hike are Devil’s Lake, Emerald Lake (her favorite trail), and Rocky Mountain National Park because she got married there. With her love of the outdoors, she hopes to start her own adventure-based club that raises money in order for students to visit fun places such as Devil’s Lake for free! 

As the school year continues, make sure to stop in room 210A and get to know our new family member!