Schallhorn returns to North


Lindsey Knepfel and Taylor Pregler, Writers

This school year, a lot of new teachers have begun teaching at Oshkosh North. Of the many new faces at North, math teacher Ms. Brett Schallhorn is technically not one of them. 

A former Oshkosh North student and official UW-Madison alumni, Schallhorn has returned to begin her teaching career. 

The name might sound familiar, as Brett’s younger sister Erin graduated last year, and her brother Matthew currently attends North. 

“It’s not weird to see my brother. He actually encouraged me to take the job.”

She discovered her interest in teaching after playing for the Oshkosh North soccer team led her to be a coach. She realized she liked working with students. 

“I enjoy helping students learn and seeing them understand.”

Last spring, she coached for the junior varsity soccer team. Schallhorn continues to play soccer during the summer in an adult league. 

With math being her favorite subject, she decided to become a math teacher. Although she didn’t originally plan on teaching at North, there was a job opening and she took the opportunity. 

A lot of things have changed since Schallhorn has attended North such as the addition of Excel, but some things remain the same like her favorite teachers: Social Studies teacher Mr. Steve Danza, English teacher Mr. Jason Cummings, and Math teacher Mr. Keith Ruff.

If you see her in the halls make sure to say hi and give her a warm welcome back to Oshkosh North. 

Once a Spartan, always a Spartan!