Meet Assistant Principal Mr. Moore


Grace Vanderhei, Chief Editor

Following last year’s departure of Assistant Principal Hans Nelson, Oshkosh North carried out the remaining school year with an interim replacement, Pete Schultz. However, with the new 2019-2020 school year starting, the long-awaited arrival of our school’s lasting AP has finally come.

The Oshkosh Area School district hired Daniel Moore as a new member of the Spartan staff.

Fresh off his role as an elementary school principal in Oconto Falls, Moore is eager to return to a high school setting once again.

“I had been looking to move back into a high school principal position for a few years, in particular, an AP position.” 

Moore has previous experience in a high school setting, enjoying his time serving as a teacher and an administrator in the past.

“I really enjoyed working with young adults and enjoyed helping them to be successful.” 

Although Moore likes working with high school students, he did appreciate his work at the elementary level. Moore believes the thirteen years he spent working at an elementary school made him a better administrator overall.

“I feel like working in the elementary made me a better principal –having been able to see all different levels of education and to work with all different kinds of kids, teachers, and families.” 

Additional factors that contributed to his change of career include his two daughters moving out of the house and having extended family near the Oshkosh area. 

Moore felt a pull to Oshkosh North during his interview.

 “I just really felt like it would be a great place to make a difference, and I really get that idea from the interview team.” 

Throughout his time here, Moore hopes to display three major values as he goes about his duties: thoroughness, fairness, and classroom importance. 

“When issues do come up, to be very thorough and…consider the circumstances, then make good decisions based on that, that are fair.” 

Moore will continue to demonstrate fairness as he works with students. 

“I feel like students want someone that cares about them and their learning, who gets to know them and show that they’re fair.” 

Additionally, Moore’s time as a high school social studies teacher influences him to value classroom importance.

 “I feel like principals need to really stay in touch with what are the expectations in the classroom.”

As of this year, Moore has no changes planned. 

“my goal in the first year is to really learn about the culture of Oshkosh North High School, get to know students, get to know parents and families, and get to know the staff.” 

So Spartans, let’s welcome Mr. Moore to North with school pride, introduce him to our school culture, and have a good year.