Mini-review: Toy Story 4


Max Yanacek, Entertainment editor

Since Toy Story was released on November 22, 1995, the series became an instant favorite with the most recent addition being Toy Story 4, released in theaters on June 21, 2019.

Like the other sequels, all of the main characters returned (mostly voiced by the original actors) with new supporting characters including Bonnie’s new favorite toy, Forky, a homemade toy who, being made from a disposable spork, continually seeks opportunities to throw himself into the trash.

Consequently, Forky and protagonist Woody (Tom Hanks) are separated from the rest of Bonnie’s toys and thrusted into a journey to reunite with their friends and owner.

It is during this trek, however, that Woody is reunited with his long lost friend Bo Peep who presents him with a new purpose—an ownerless life of freedom. Behind all of the action, Woody is on a quest for purpose and is forced to choose between two very different lives.

Although nothing can match the charm of the original, Toy Story 4’s animation quality has phenomenally improved. The realism found in the texture of the toys is almost equivalent to that found in films like The LEGO Movie; the 24 years between the films really shows!

The only thing that may disappoint fans is the ending, and this is by no means because it was bad—but because it seemingly puts an ending on the toy story. The chances of Disney releasing another Toy Story appears pretty slim—unless Pixar films are eventually remade into the now frequently-appearing Disney live-action movies.

However, Toy Story 4 delivers a wonderful story with everything that should be expected from a Toy Story sequel: a thrilling plot with plenty of humor and heart.

Toy Story 4 scores a 9 out of 10!