Pillsbury’s senior column

Seamus Pillsbury, Senior writer

I have been minimally involved in the North Star newspaper, only joining the second semester of my junior year at Oshkosh North. The immediate drawing for me was that I got along very well the advisor, Mr. Cummings.

Having teachers who are good sounding boards for ideas and thoughts has been a huge part of me learning to speak for myself and to be able to articulate the things I truly believe. The development of my self-concept and ethos have been pushed in a more gregarious and upbeat direction by teachers who made me really think about what I was saying. Being able to say things and see if I actually believed them was an incredibly useful opportunity.

Newspaper and the friends I made while writing articles and sitting in Cummings’ room have literally brought me closer to who I’d like to be. Being in the presence of people I respect and enjoy talking to has been a very important part of my life, even if I was only ever marginally involved in North Star.

My biggest regret is that I have undeniably gotten more out of North Star than North Star ever got out of me. Across the two high schools I have attended, only four teachers have ever really improved me, and North Star has done a great job of facilitating the relationship between me and Mr. Cummings.

I have had a tumultuous four years of high school, and the few responsibilities I committed to have done a decent job of grounding me through the storm. I grew as a person because I surrounded myself with people who did better than me.