Stopping human trafficking

April 18, 2019

Sex trafficking happens in Wisconsin. Sex trafficking happens in Oshkosh. It may even affect North High School.

The Communities program at Oshkosh North High School wants to educate students, staff, and the public about the pandemic and how each person might try to stop it.

Junior Emma Armstrong plans to host an excel session about self-defense on Tuesday May 7 and Thursday May 9. A Martial art academy will teach participants the basics of getting away from a potential kidnapper or aggressor.

“I want to help my peers feel more comfortable in their ability to defend themselves in dangerous situations, and to help them to be more aware of their surroundings,” Armstrong said.

Also on the night of May 7, junior  Grace Munig will host an informational night about human trafficking in Wisconsin. This event will begin at 6:30 pm at the North High School auditorium. Experts from a variety of fields will provide information including warning signs of someone involved in sex trafficking.

A third part the Communities 2 project includes junior Danae Blabaum’s idea to hold a fundraiser for the cause at Benvenuto’s Italian grill. Proceeds will benefit victims of human trafficking

“Many of the victims of sex trafficking get away with only the clothes on their back,” Communities teacher Rick Leib said.

Armstrong, Munig, and Blabaum decided to work on human trafficking in Wisconsin for their semester project. Damascus Road, a local organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and sexual exploitation, is helping them to complete the action of trying to stop Human trafficking.

If you want to learn more about Damascus road or human trafficking click on the link

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