Officer Seaholm to tackle new assignment

April 1, 2019

After four years of working for Oshkosh North as the school’s student resource officer, Officer Ian Seaholm will be leaving North to continue working with the Oshkosh Police Department as a second-shift sergeant, however, he will no longer be part of the district.

“A big part [of the new job] is molding and developing younger officers and it allows me the opportunity to bring my experience to help develop them into police officers,” said Seaholm.

Previous to 2015, Seaholm served as a DARE officer before starting his career at North.

Seaholm said, “I taught DARE to elementary schoolers and genuinely liked working with the district and within the schools, so when the opportunity came about in 2015, I was eager to work here and interact with the students and staff as well as build a positive image of law enforcement.”

Throughout these past four years, members of the building agree that Officer Seaholm shaped people’s perspectives on law enforcement.

Dean of Students Leeann Gauthier said, “Officer Seaholm has given the North community the opportunity to have positive relationships with OPD (Oshkosh Police Department). Seaholm has allowed the North community to get to know a police officer on a more intimate level than most of us would experience in another scenario.”

Seaholm’s influence on the school goes beyond the perception of law enforcement, however, as he helps create a more personal feel at North.

Gauthier said. “Seaholm is genuine and straightforward in his approach with people. I think his easygoing personality and sense of humor draw people to him.  This has proven to be key in creating positive relationships with our North community.”  

During his career at our school, Seaholm has accomplished many things and his impact will leave an impression on our school for years to come.

“All I can say is it’s a pleasure to be here over these past four years and I will greatly miss you (the school),” said Seaholm.

As for what is to come after Seaholm leaves, the school has already chosen the next SRO (student resource officer) with the help of Seaholm.

Beginning shortly after our return from spring break, new SRO Officer Tracey Grubofski will start their new position. Officer Grubofski previously worked at Webster Stanley Middle School as their SRO officer before transferring here.

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