Will We Turn Our Back on Social Media?

Will We Turn Our Back on Social Media?

Andi Pieczynski

The Media Today published an article called “In 2019, will the tide turn against Facebook and social media?” This article discusses the privacy issues that have occurred on Facebook and how people might start deleting all social media accounts. Facebook has been caught leaking personal information onto Facebook and to other apps that want to contact people. Although there is such a hate for Facebook, and other social media platforms, and a common knowledge that screen time is unhealthy, it doesn’t seem likely that deleting our accounts will be the next trend. Cell phones and social media have become so important to our lifestyles. We can do homework, business obligations, and connect with family and friends so easily through our phones. I think it would be difficult, for young people especially, to delete even one platform of social media. There are so many apps with generally the same idea, but all used for different reasons. We tend to look at Facebook as the social media for adults and where teenagers post to stay connected with their family. For this reason, teenagers won’t post anything risky they feel their family wouldn’t like. Instagram is used more for that reason to post all the selfies and pictures to show off all the fun you’re having. This app is more trendy by making sure to have a theme for your feed and clever captions. Twitter is where you go to post all your jokes, rants, etc. without any pictures. This app is more teenager based along with celebrities. Another app for teenagers to feel like they are getting away from their parents as adults are less likely to have them. The list goes on but for some people, it would be hard to cut out one app as we use them all in different ways.

All of our posting and searching habits seem hard to be broken. Some people can spend 4+ hours a day on their phone. Scrolling is a go-to activity when we are bored. AARP describes an addiction to your phone as feeling excited that you think your phone went off even when it didnt, or the inability to go more than a few minutes without opening your phone. We would feel empty without the ability to do this and know what everybody is up to at all times.

As the article says, most people would agree we should be on our phones less, but I think most people would be unwilling to give it all up completely. I believe social media and cell phones are wonderful when used to an extent. Having the ability to very quickly reply to emails, call or text a family member, always have pictures and videos of everything, and be able to talk to our friends all day. In that way, it can build better friendships. Where we lose it is when we are hanging out with our friends and family and still continue to scroll and not put our phone down once we have what we use them for right in front of us.

In 2019 I could see there being a bigger turn against Facebook, but it would be hard to say against all social media. I don’t believe the answer is quitting the use of social media, but watching how much we use it. Being too active on social media could create a less social population.