The Dorn Supremacy

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The Dorn Supremacy

Leisha Chopra, Features Editor

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Meet Bryan Dorn: sports enthusiast, husband, father, and best all, a teacher at Oshkosh North. Dorn has been at North for 16 years as a math teacher, football coach, and the most recent““ golf coach. Each year he has served, he has made North a better environment.

Dorn’s great amount of involvement with the school has made the halls— especially the math hallway— brighter as each day passes towards the end of the school year.

Dorn has had quite the journey in his teaching career. To start off his career, Dorn contemplated many options, including becoming a gym teacher.

“I actually never thought about becoming a math teacher. I’ve always wanted to be a gym teacher. Although, at the time, it was 1 out of 1000 chance applying for a gym teacher and only 1 out of 5 for a math teacher.”

Coincidentally, Dorn used math to get out of his original plan and dive into a new one. Ever since high school, Dorn has always loved math and always helped his peers with it. Therefore, he became a geometry teacher for Oshkosh North.

Teaching had always been Dorn’s career path. His main goal was to be able to work with kids and give them the education they deserve, no matter what the subject is. Dorn truly enjoys teaching.

“I like to build relationships with students and make a connection. I’m open and honest with kids, so I can show them that everyone makes mistakes and teachers are humans too.”

With this teaching style, many students are quite fond of Dorn. He has built many positive relationships throughout his years of teaching. Dorn has made geometry more than a normal class; he’s made it into something kids can grasp and enjoy.

Dorn isn’t only a geometry teacher, though. Dorn was originally one of the football coaches for awhile, but the sport took away time from his family, so he moved to a more relaxed sport: golf. Dorn is the current boys golf coach for Oshkosh North and enjoys it a lot. He started to play golf when he was a junior in high school and improved significantly at the sport since then. Although, along with the boys, he is also still learning the best of golf so he can bring the best out for his golfers.

“I’m still learning golf too. I’m constantly watching coaching videos to bring the best out of the kids. I tell the kids to keep in mind when they are competing against other people is it’s really not the people they’re trying to beat. It’s the golf course itself.”

Other than golfing and teaching, Dorn has many other hobbies too. He likes to do zen activities to balance out the hecticness of school. Even though school can be hectic, Dorn makes the best out of it for him and the kids he teaches.

Dorn is one of the great faces of Oshkosh North.